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spam comments make for interesting reading

By January 20, 2018 Learning, Writing

So what is it with spam (not the canned one) but the one online? And specifically comments? It is almost a whole line of business by itself. While spam comments can be annoying, and definitely need to be dealt with – my way is to approve comments on my blog before publishing them, and also using Akismet. But, both here on my new blog (since the past few months), and on my previous blogspot blog, I have dealt with spam fairly successfully, and, had fun reading many of those comments. You have to admit, some of those comments, even if bot-automated, need some creative thinking to get them going!!

Here are a few that made their way to my blog (were not published however, and marked as spam) that I found made for interesting reading. And a few actually seemed to be copied and pasted (and rewritten badly) from some children’s story somewhere – those are the ones below

‘Effeⅽtively boys,? Mοmmy lastlʏ said after theyd giove yoս plenty off silly concepts of what
Godⅾ did for enjoyablе, ?What God really likes is when folks love each other and care for each otһer like we do
in our family.? Tһat made sense to Lee and
Larry so Lee hhgged Mommy and Larry hugged dacdy to simply make God һаppy.’

‘My flip, my turn.? Larry stated еɑgewrlʏ wiggling too get аn opportunity to
talk. ?I feel tһe most effective factoг aƅout God is that he can Ьeat up the degil because the devil is scary and imply and uglyy andd unhealthy andd Ԍod can Ьeat him uup so the
devil сan?t dqmage us like he diɗ thuose dmon stuffed individuals in Jesus day.’

‘Eveгyone ⅼauɡһed trying to think about whaat kind of
pаryу Mary and Joseph gave for Jesus when He was six.
Larгy puzzled, ?I guess he favored the iⅾenticaal kind of toys we like.’

‘Properly, Ιm suгprised ʏou all left tthe very further greatesst one for me.?
Daddy stated with a teаsing smile. ?It?s
that he despatched Jesus to die for us and give us life eteгnally
and everr and that because of that we will be a family iin heaven for thousаnds and thousanmdѕ of
yeaгs. That?s pretty good isnt іt?’

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13 Board Games For Those Days of Bored(om)

By January 11, 2018 Everything Else, Family, Learning, Reviews

There are days when you want to cozy up in that little nook, with a cup of something hot (my choice – some peppermint tea or hot chocolate!), and read a book. Or you could still stay in that nook – the slightly larger cozy nook of your home – and play board games with the rest of the family to drive away bored (om). For those days, I have some suggestions that my kids always bring out and love to play (and if mom and dad join in, all the better)

From strategy games that we are still learning the tips and tricks of (like Forbidden Island) or classic strategy games like Battleship to geography games (Scrambled States and Do You Know Where You Are?); from games that require focus (like Jenga) to games of luck/throw of the dice (like Sorry); from classic favorites like Monopoly and Uno to word games like Story Cubes and Taboo – this list covers all of them. (And you might notice the absence of Scrabble – well, that is another favorite too!)

  1. Forbidden Island
    A strategy game top-rated by Mensa, and pretty popular on Amazon, this game does need you to think ahead and strategize. We are still learning the tricks of the game, each time we play.
  2. Qwirkle Board Game – 
    Another strategy game where a little bit of luck is involved too – this can be played by people of all ages – line up tiles matching shapes and/or colors to score higher with smarter matches
  3. Scrambled States of America
    How well do you know your states? Find the Sunshine State; the state that shares borders with the maximum # of states; a state that begins with A; questions on cards range from the obvious to the harder and you learn your states definitely in this fun game
  4. Story Cubes
    This game can provide hours of fun while engaging your imagination. Perfect to come up with story ideas if you are ever facing a writer’s block. A family favorite that all of us play at all odd hours of the
    day. This game is simply put, genius!
  5. Uno 
    Well, you know!
  6. Jenga 
    What is the highest tower you have built ever? Be truthful! Are you a Jenga champion? (I am not!)
  7. Sorry
    We grew up playing games similar to this in India and another perfect game to pass the rainy-days away
  8. Monopoly
    For hours and hours (sometimes over days) of building your business empire, this is it! And hoping we don’t land in that spot with all those houses and hotels built!
  9. Taboo
    Have you played this game? This is definitely one that tests your vocabulary and your attention to what you are saying…
  10. Battleship
    I played this game for the first time on a computer screen of years ago (with those bright green ships and tanks to help you win your battle)! It was smart then and is smart now.
  11. Connect 4
    A family favorite now for years…this might be our 3rd or 4th Connect 4 box..
  12. Do You Know Where You Are? World Challenge Edition
    Another geography game that is really a smart one. Bought on a whim, this is one game that I love playing and am glad I bought it.
  13. Hedbandz
    This is certainly popular (and while we stood in the lines at Disneyworld this last month, the app version of a similar game – Charades – was played often; and by so many people waiting in line that sometimes we stopped playing our game and watched the others spout their clues!)

Note: this post contains Amazon affiliate links

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Goals For The Year

By January 4, 2018 Everything Else, Learning, Memes, Writing

The past couple of years, I made and updated for myself a treasure map of goals to reach. While I did not yet reach them/achieve them fully, I did try to work towards (most of) them. And that point is why, at four days into this new year, I am planning my goals for this year. And reusing some of the ones from earlier, here are my 2018 goals – to be healthy, wealthy, and wise; and a 13 point list to help work towards them!! And if I am even halfway through some or most of them, that is still more than where I am at today and I will be happy…

  1. Exercise – I need to work on this seriously, so to break it down more specifically
    • Walk towards 10k steps everyday
    • Zumba twice a week (love dancing!)
    • Yoga once a week
  2. Hydrate
  3. Eat well (reduce dessert intake/plan and follow a weekly menu)
  4. Sleep – better sleep habits, as in the saying ‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a (wo)man healthy, wealthy, and wise.’ So am going to work towards this habit and here are some tips I plan to use to achieve that.
  5. Spend wisely.
  6. Be in touch with family and friends more often than now
  7. Volunteer – at the shelter/soup-kitchen – with both my kids in scouting, I do get more opportunities to do this, so will work on doing it more often this year and do a RAK every week
  8. Start seriously working on my 52 week list made years ago (update as needed, but work towards checking it off)
  9. Read – My reading challenges, will hopefully take care of my reading goals
  10. Write –
    • in my journal everyday – just a line or two
    • poems – keeping a goal of six a month
    • posts on my blog – everyday during UBCs; and other months too if possible (excuse myself from this 5 days a month)
    • reviews that are overdue – book and product reviews I have been planning to complete
    • reviews for books that I read this year promptly
    • product reviews for products I truly enjoy using and know others will love too promptly
    • letters by hand – at least one a month
  11.  Learn – complete a course (even online) and earn a certificate, if possible
    • in something I love
    • in something that will be useful (even if I don’t love it!)
  12. Start learning a new language (Spanish might be a good choice as my son is learning it in high school now)
  13. Learn one new skill (need to figure out what) and relearn an older, left-in-the-sidelines one (drawing and painting)
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2018 Reading Challenges

By January 3, 2018 Books, Learning, Reviews

Today’s post is my list of reading challenges this year. Last year, I did not do as well on completing them but here I go again (and this year, I am hosting a couple of challenges as well so hoping you will join me in those as well). This also goes towards day 3 of UBC – a fun way to keep myself motivated to blog and to meet wonderful bloggers.

Reading challenges do inspire you to read (well, of course!) – over the past few years, joining these challenges meant I discovered new genres, widened my scope by reading out of my comfort zone and enjoyed great new books from around the world.

Here is my list of challenges

  1. Short Story Reading Challenge – Deal Me In 2018– From last year’s signup post – I love reading short stories for as long as I can remember. Some of my favorite authors include O’ Henry, H.H.Munro, Oscar Wilde, Poe, Hawthorne, as well as  Rabindranath Tagore and Munshi Premchand. My love of short stories will make this challenge a breeze, hopefully! — this challenge was gliding along smoothly for a while until at one point, it was like a brake was applied…This year, however, I am trying again – I am reusing my list from last year, only replacing the stories I read already with newer ones.  In the cases where I have picked an author, I will select a different short story by the same author if I had completed it last year.
  2. What’s in a Name 2018– This is a challenge I have participated in the past (failed at last year however:( ). Looking for books that satisfy this challenge is half the fun  And I hope to get a diverse set of books this year to read for the same.
  3. Old School Kidlit Reading Challenge – Kidlit is another of my evergreen favorites (since the time I was a kid!) and with my kids reading classics as part of their school reading, I am re-reading old favorites and discovering new ones so this challenge was one I definitely wanted to add to my list. And retrying this year after failing last time. There are no themes this time around just a goal for number of books. I am going to use the themes from last year as a guideline but with no specific month assigned to them and my goal is 6 books.
  4. 2018 NetGalley and Edelweiss Reading Challenge –  Redoing this one as well with hopes for success because I am still lagging behind in reviewing my NetGalley and Edelweiss books. Will aim for the Gold here this time – 50 books.
  5. Now, this challenge might be the challenging one for me to do and I will try to see how best I can work on this -my plan for this is currently at least pick two of the five choices provided per month. But it is definitely going to help broaden my reading – Strategic Reading Challenge.
  6. Book Blog Discussion Challenge – Having signed up for so many challenges, I decided this would be a good place to find others like me … so here is looking forward to this challenge as well. I will aim for the Discussion Dabbler Level for now.
  7. And last but not the least, my own challenges : Continental Reading Challenge
  8. And Reading by the Month Reading Challenge

You can also join in and read along in any or all of these reading challenges, just click on the links above for more information on the challenges themselves and to sign up.

2018 Reading Challenges, Here I come! And my list of books as well as progress will be tracked in this google spreadsheet.

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13 Things We Learned From Our First Craft Fair

By December 8, 2017 Art, Everything Else, Learning

Note: Affiliate links in this post

The concept of fairs (and as such, craft fairs too) is not new to me. Growing up in a small town, we had annual fairs, where the women folk of the town would get to set up their stalls and sell food and wares (including small decor, crafts, jewelry, clothes, and more). I would help my mom setup the booth and sell as well. Mom is a stupendous cook and her stall would always be super busy. It was fun and aptly named ‘Anand Bazaar’. Anand meaning happiness and Bazaar meaning market – so market of happiness.

Today, I am a mom, and this past weekend, had craft and activity booths to setup at our very first craft fair – the Girl Scouts’ Craftapalooza event. I realized that what I did as a child to help my mom was only part of all that needs to be done.

Now that the event is done, here is what we learned from our craft fair experience. This is assuming you have booked the booth for a fair/similar event already.

Before the fair:

  1. Listen to the buyers.  In this case, the makers and the primary buyers were all going to be girls, primarily in the age range of five to fifteen! And while they did sit and make the ornaments very happily, what they really, really, really wanted to make – slime.
    Slime on couple of nearby booths was selling off their tables, literally, while we were contemplating reducing prices on our products. So, the next time, I plan to ensure we have items the girls want to make (because that is what they will want to buy) in addition to items we adults believe the parents will want to buy.
  2. Make a few items of different types/sizes/prices to appeal to all the different people who visit the event. A few paintings and tons of ornaments were what we had this time around, but in hindsight we should have had a few more paintings, lot lesser ornaments and few of couple more things.. OR just a few of higher priced items
  3. Plan ahead – months ahead if possible – order items online to save (eg: alibaba or other discount craft stores). Spend a few hours each week on making the items where possible so does not seem overwhelming. We spent a couple of hours or more over three weeks of Girl Scout meetings on this, but could be next time, 1/2 hour of a few months of meetings set aside for this would work better?
  4. Dress rehearsal – we did not do this but it would have definitely helped to have a dress rehearsal of sorts at home, and have friends and family enact potential customers with our table/booth setup as we want it.
  5. Schedule who is going to be doing what and where at all times of the event

At the fair:craft fair decor snowman

    1. Setup – decor: Prep decor for your booth beforehand. Our booth had a snowman that people aawed over and remarked how cute he was.. not sure if he really helped in sales but it did increase the curb appeal of our booth a bit. And the paintings did get sold – 4 out of the 5 we had!
    2. Setup – for item prices and for cash: Mark items with price tags clearly … we had smaller items – ornaments mainly so kept different priced ones in different sections (small trees/hangers where they hung off of and baskets for the remaining pieces). We also had a small poster with prices but I think that small chalkboard easels would have been a better tactic – both in terms of looks and clarity of items and prices (pictured below – I got this for an event at home earlier but could not find these at all:( ).
      For storing the cash, we used a fancy photo storage box (one I got at Michaels) to store the cash but if you plan to do multiple sales over the year, then a regular cash box might be good. I saw many booths had those and it looked cool.

    1. Setup – for your actual items themselves: Ensure you keep the right quantity of items outside for display and to sell – do not overcrowd your table. You can keep replenishing as you sell the items. We realized that we had too much and then toned it down to something more visually appealing an hour into the fair.
      Ensure you have additional items readily accessible (under the tables in boxes might be the only option, like in our case). Also, do not forget to have carry bags for customers to take what they buy from you. We almost forgot these and ended up getting a combination of different bags from parents in our troop towards the end. But many customers opted to put their purchases (small wooden ornaments in our case) directly into their bags. Also plan ahead and think of any other items you might need that will help to complete the setup for your booth.

  1. Ensure you have change in all denominations if possible. So you are ready for customers who would otherwise not have bought goods from you because they/you did not have the right cash amount.
  2. An option for people to use credit cards. The Girl Scouts of Northern California recommended option – Square. Square is a nifty little tool (which I am waiting for in the mail at this time, and did not get to use at this craft fair) that lets you connect it to your phone and swipe cards for payment. You order the card-reader (for free when you request them to mail it to you), download their app, connect to the correct bank accounts, and you are done!
  3. Walk around the fair, visit other booths, make friends with other fair hosts, and you will surely get help and tons of ideas.

After the fair

  1. Talk to everyone on your team(be it family, friends, or in our case, our Girl Scouts and parent volunteers) about the highlights for each of them, what each felt they learned, what we could do better next time, and what they enjoyed the most
  2. And last, but not the least, celebrate – you have accomplished something.

What we earned:

  • Loads of fun
  • A great experience – in both selling and the activity booths, as well as trying out different activities themselves, and checking other books to see what they were selling
  • Tons of ideas for our next Craft fair event (we are already ready to setup our next craft fair!!) and
  • $67.50 in cash 🙂 yay!!!

Our expenses:  more than what we earned above definitely so we did not make a monetary profit, but like the Mastercard ad says – what we got out of this whole experience – it was priceless.

Linking this towards one more of the memes I love participating in – Thursday 13.

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9 Tips On Productivity Or How I Plan to Get More Done

By December 5, 2017 Productivity

Just Do It Ornament - Productivity Tips

With the Black and White Blog Photo Challenge done, I am now back to my regular blogging schedule. If I had a plan I would somehow consistently stick to, this would not be a ‘back to regular blogging’ post at all since I would have had regular posts in addition to that single photo challenge post each day. But that is the harsh truth I have to face – I am not consistent in following the plan so for now, I am trying to be consistent in posting at least, even if it is a sentence or a photo (my challenge posts:)). Productivity is right there – just need to stretch myself a bit more, find that stick-to-plan, and stick to it.

I have been reading about different techniques that will help in creating a plan, and more importantly, sticking to it.  So, over the next few days, I hope to use those tips and techniques singly or in the combination that works (hopefully) for me and then write a glowing post about my success soon!

Here are the ones that resonated with me (in no particular order, since I plan to try to use them all):

  1. The Pomodoro Technique or a version of it – Chances are, you have already heard or read about this. This works on the premise of working in blocks of time (typically 25 minutes) followed by a short break (5 minutes); and a longer break of 15-20 minutes after every 100 minutes of work. I am planning to use it starting tomorrow (or right after this post) – the steps – Plan –> Set Timer –> Focused Work –> Short Break –> Repeat –> Long Break
  2. The right times and the right tasks – Right might not be the right word to use here but the one that fits best, so right it is!
    1. Right Times: There are two things to consider here (at least for me) –
      1. one, identify your most productive times of the day so you can fit your Pomodoro (or another technique) into that time-frame;
      2. two, identify the most distraction/interruption free times of the day. Life happens but it does often have a repeatable pattern too – so, yes, my distraction/interruption free time will ideally be the kids-free time- ie when they are either away or asleep.
      3. Based on what I know about myself, early mornings (that I have not been seeing much of due to late nights) will work best for me to take care of both one and two above so I need to get my early morning start going starting tomorrow.
    2. Right Tasks: Do the hardest tasks first and be done with them; then the rest is easy-peasy, as they say. And that sense of accomplishment at having got that elephantine task out of the way keeps your energy and motivation levels up to get the others done too.
  3. Get Help – A tool like RescueTime  – this tool, at its very basic and free version, shows you how you manage your time online (which is more than good enough for me) and as you can see below, it shows I need to step up on productive use of time. If you chose the premium option, it has a lot more features, including blocking sites that might be your chief distractors for certain times as you specify.not a productive day
  4. Make a note of what distracts you and why. For example, as I was writing this post, I had to take a break to do something I should have done earlier 🙁 and now it took me longer to write this post as well as the other task (not really, but seems like that which can in itself be a downer).
  5. Write it down – your plan, your schedule, your to-dos list, your should-not-do-before-to-do list – and share it (a little like this post) to make yourself accountable. This can include a daily, weekly, or long-term plan for you.  And using Google Docs as a planner is my plan!
  6. Just Do It – Nike got this so right! Sometimes you just need to do it – stop thinking and go ahead and write that article or exercise or do that dreaded task you were avoiding; and you will often see that it was not that hard after all and you were able to do it; which brings me to my next point. (Many a mundane chore has been won like this – like that full sink or load of laundry; and even the really harder tasks – like preparing for an important exam or a job interview)
  7. Know that you can do it  – For tasks that you have done before but just cannot get around to doing it at that point in time, you already know you can do it; and for those tasks that you might be completely or partly new to – note that ‘Nothing is impossible’.
  8. Visualize the result – That finished blog post, that totally healthy-you, that shining sink ; and that gourmet meal (oh well! I can dream, right?:) – picture that in your mind and you have motivation at your fingertips …
  9. Be Inspired – Find inspiration in those around you who seem to be doing it right (whatever it is that you want to do) and learn from them – reach out if needed and ask them; chances are, you will be able to grab at that success soon too (i am not there yet as well, and this is me trying out). Wondering ‘why not me’ will not get you anywhere (back to #6 – just do it!).

What has worked for you? How do you achieve maximum productivity? Do let me know in the comments, and maybe I can add on those too.

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How To Start Your Own Blog, or How I Started Mine..

By November 29, 2017 Learning, Reviews, Writing

This is the end – the end of the beginning, I mean. Today is the end of the 30 Day Blog Challenge I have been on (not today, really, and I have not completed every module on the challenge but did go through all of them, honest). So, here are a few answers about the why, how, what of this challenge.

I have been blogging for years now (since 2010, in fact) and had been on blogger forever. It worked pretty well for me, ease of use, convenience, with many tools I could easily use along with my blogspot website that made me, well, pretty lazy, if I have to admit it, to move from that position of comfort. I was blogging just for the joy of it, and no other reason. And I am not saying that is wrong at all – it is what I did and still do – blog for the joy of it. I loved the look and feel of my blogspot blog but knew I needed to get my own website sooner or later.

But now I also know that if I apply myself (a little bit more than I am doing currently), I can grow my blog

  • to something more,
  • to something where I can derive a passive income at least,
  • and more importantly, to something where my readers leave with a smile on their faces and with something that helps them somehow.

When my thoughts were taking this turn,  along came a time, a few weeks ago, when I was looking for something different, and had more time on my hands suddenly. Somehow (well, maybe because of my google searches), a post appeared on my Facebook feed about the 30 Day Blog Challenge, and after looking into it, I decided to take the plunge and do the challenge.

This challenge takes you from the very beginning – the web-hosting and creating and starting a new blog, to themes, blog post ideas, building an audience, creating emails, ideas for how to make an income from blogging, and more. With a step-by-step guide using daily video lessons (about an average of 8 minutes each), and other accompanying resources and guides on how-tos, templates, etc, this challenge did make my journey from my blogspot blog to where I am today easier.

Will I be making money and posting income reports in the future?  Will I be that top-rated website in my niche (duh, I don’t have one niche, like my tagline says, I am a blog(ful) of niches)? Well, that depends completely on me, right? But, before I forget, the most important point, this 30 Day Blog Challenge (course/guide to setup your blog and more) is completely FREE!! And I should also point out that this is not a sponsored post in anyway but my way of saying thanks to this resource that got me off my lazy-couch and onto a learning journey. I have learned so many things over the course of the past month and more, not only from this challenge/course, but because I decided to start this new venture of mine (courtesy – this challenge!!), and so because of this challenge.

So, thank you to all of you at the 30 Day Blog Challenge..

From here – my blogspot site where I used a downloaded theme (which was beautiful and I still have by the way!)

My R and R Space blogspot blog

to here – my very own domain/my very own website where I created the header for it!! 

My blog

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Q is for Quiz

By November 2, 2017 Learning, Memes

It is that time of the year, when the paths where spooky ghosts and cute monsters prowled the streets a couple of days, were most likely filled with excited kids the next day!! It is November already, you realize, and then you walk into a store and exclaim, it is just the very beginning of November, when you see the Christmas displays everywhere! And Thanksgiving was there too – in a couple of smaller displays with pumpkin and turkey related items mainly. But do you know that it was unlikely that either turkey or pumpkins were part of that first Thanksgiving meal in 1621. Here is a quick quiz to test your Thanksgiving trivia (alliterative!!) (for ABC Wednesday).

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3 Lessons Learned from 31 Days of Blogging

By October 31, 2017 Everything Else, Learning

Today is the last day of the UltimateBloggingChallenge – October and Write31Days… I made it to the end (I think I missed a couple of days, which means I need to get scheduling posts as a habit next!!). But Yayyy, here we are, all of us who promised to write 31 days and it is great to reach the end of this 31 days which just proves we can do it..

What did I learn

– That it Was Not Scary At All – Spooktober not withstanding, blogging everyday for 31 days might seem daunting, but it is not.. The fact that there are others who are part of the challenge is a big boost to our confidence.

– It is Doable – Commitment to the challenge here showed me that it is doable, so it just means I need to commit to myself now outside the challenge 🙂

– You make great friends and discover you are part of a wonderful virtual community.. so Thank You to all who helped make these 31 days seem a breeze!

So a Big Hurrah to all and looking forward to keep seeing each other even post challenges..

As for me, here are my tentative plans for the next few weeks:

– Work on my blogs – current and new blog and set things up for both by mid November

– Work to have additional posts scheduled as the holiday season gets underway

For Ruby Tuesday: Found – a leaf that made its own way as it glided down the tree away from the heap nearby!

last leaf

For First Chapter, First Paragraph at BibliophileByTheSea


There was trouble afoot in Sleepy Hollow. Harry could feel it, although he couldn’t quite put his finger on what was causing his uneasiness. 

For Teaser Tuesday over at The Purple Booker:

It was not the mayor and the band of grave robbers who stepped out of the car. 

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The Why Post

By October 28, 2017 Art, Everything Else, Food, Learning, Memes, Reviews, Travel, Writing

My previous(still actively current as well) blog

I started blogging years ago actually and as part of setting up this new blog earlier this month, I even imported content from there (excluding a couple more recent posts).. So you might be asking, why a why I am blogging post? This is more of a reinventing myself as a blogger post – of moving from a free blog to my own space on the world wide web. If then, why import all content from my previous blog? Because that is a part of me as well, and as part of reinventing, I also plan to refresh and redo some of my posts from earlier.

Writing Fuels me

Writing has been a treasured part of my life forever now (well, since I learned to write anyways, and before that, I made up stories to tell my little brother), and blogging is an extension of that.  As a child, I wrote poems, stories, and participated in writing challenges whenever I could. Everything I wrote, no matter what it was, gave me a sense of accomplishment that it energized me, made me happier, made me ‘me’, and that eventually led to a better me, which meant I was able to also help others (tutoring classmates the previous night before finals and all through the year was one of my first such experiences; mom would worry that I would not be able to focus on what I needed to study for, but teaching and sharing my knowledge made me better at it so it was all gooood!) (By the way, I also experience this same energy-up when I work on art or end up taking a really good photograph or somehow manage to have cooked up something yummy that is also healthy)

What was I blogging about?

My initial blog started out as my spot for my R&R – this could easily mean the traditional ‘rest and recreation’ or my little twist on the traditional ‘Recreation and Relaxation’ or my very own ‘Raving and Ranting’.  In the beginning (and even today), I read many blogs about blogging – and many of them had a central message – “pick a niche”. That led me to thinking – what is my specialty? I realized I am more of a Jack of Many Trades (with some level of mastery in a few) and it would be me being me, if I wrote about all of those passions and interests I have. So I have been writing about reading, travel, participating in memes, sharing recipes, tips, my poetry, and photographs, life’s magical moments, parenting and its many facets, reviews of books and products, and more.

And now 

All those varied things that I (plan to) write about inspired me to add the tagline for my blog – this is not a niche-less blog, but a blog(ful) of niches!!  I am still working on the theme, the logo, updating my older posts so they fall in place with my categories, and some more branding to make it more like home, a cozy place for readers to drop by and explore.

Today, I hope to keep doing all that and also include more posts where I can let my readers relax a bit, learn some more, and leave with a smile on their faces, facts in their brains, a spring in their step, and a desire to return (of course)!!…

So here is my question to my readers (old and new) –

what energized you today? Or made you smile? Do let me know in the comments!!


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