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13 Questions To Ask Your Parents Now

As I spend time with my mom, I look back at all the questions i had hoped to ask my dad before he passed away. While I do know the answers to many of the questions I have, there are a few I am hazy about and others I don’t know answers to at all. Each passing day is a missed opportunity to talk about the things that will help us understand our parents even better. So here are some questions to ask your parents now, ones I plan to ask my mom when she is doing okay, and able to answer the questions I have. After all, these are all questions only they can answer.

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13 Questions To Ask Your Parents Now

I might be cheating a little here but the questions I put together are ones I might end up asking together of anyone at all.

  1. What is your very first memory? What about your favorite memory from your childhood?
  2. What family tradition do you cherish the most? From your childhood as well as something we did together.
  3. Who is the oldest relative you remember? Your most cherished relative? Is there anyone in our family that I haven’t met that you want me to know about?
  4. Tell me about the day I was born. How about my sibling(s)?
  5. What were your college days like? Your school days?
  6. What are the 3 happiest times in your life?
  7. What did I do as a child that frustrated you and what did I do that you loved? What about my siblings? (or Describe my siblings and me.)
  8. What do you remember most about your wedding day?
  9. Pick something your parent loves and ask questions related to that. For example, my mom is a great cook, so my questions to her would be about her favorite dishes (appetizers, main course, desserts) to make and to eat as well!
  10. Your favorite thing/memory about your partner?
  11. What one thing would make you feel better today? 
  12. What question should I be asking you so that I can live the best life possible? 
  13. What have YOU always wanted to ask ME?

There are so many more questions I know I will want to ask, and will add on to this list as I think of them.

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And Now, the End of This ‘Questions to Ask Your Parents’ Post

Dear reader, what questions would you add to this list? Do let me know so I can add it here, and ask my mom (if relevant to her).

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19 thoughts on “13 Questions To Ask Your Parents Now

  1. This would have been great to ask my parents but they have both past. I would have loved to find out about the day I was born.

  2. And you should interview her on video so you have it for later. My brother went around and interviewed the elders in the family on video. (He’s in TV, so it’s kind of this thing.)

  3. It is nice to learn more about your parents and their lives. I remember we had a question journal for my mom when I was very young. These are great topics to discuss.

  4. I hope those who can do this, will ask these questions soon. I’m already filled with memories from simply reading them here.

  5. Your thoughtful post on asking parents meaningful questions is wonderful! Your list of questions is heartfelt and insightful, encouraging readers to connect with their parents on a deeper level. Your personal touch makes the content relatable and valuable. A touching reminder to cherish moments with loved ones.

  6. This post caused me to tear up because I missed my chance to ask my parents questions before they passed. I think often about something and wish I had asked them.

    Don’t wait!!!

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