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5 Things to do in 5 Minutes to Make Our Day Better

At the start of the year, I wrote about 13 tiny habits I planned to incorporate into my daily routine this year. Now that half the year has gone by, how am I doing with them? While they have not all become daily habits, many of them are part of my regular routine now so over the course of a few days, I have definitely done all of them many times over. Today, I bring you 5 things to do in 5 minutes to make our day better, almost instantly (well, in 5 minutes or less)!

And these 5 things are different from my 13 habits list… so you have more to boost your mood anytime you want to..

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5 Things to do in 5 Minutes to Make Our Day Better


Creating something quickly can often bring amazing results! I know this from experience. Be it a dish I whip in a few minutes because we are all hungry, or a greeting card I come up with (a quick drawing and a personal wish/poem) in the car on our way to celebrate a friend’s event, or well, anything else because I feel like doing it – it turns out better than things I planned and prepared for.

So when you are feeling you need a pick-me-up, create something.. Maybe a doodle, a dish, or a thingamajig sculpture (if you have playdough or clay), or just about anything. I guarantee that it will bring a smile on your face no matter how it turns out at the end of that 5 minutes you set aside for it.

Some ideas for inspiration include art journals with ideas to complete in 5 minutes (like the one featured below)

5-Minute Art Journal: Quick Prompts for Creative Inspiration (Rockbridge Press)

Let your creativity shine with 5-minute art activities in this book. I checked out this book, and it is lots of fun. I love doodling and keep creating quick sketches when I have nothing else to do. This book provides inspiration in so many ways.

Or if you have all those Legos lying around (I have them from when my kids were younger and enjoyed building stuff with them), then this project book might help you

LEGO(R) Books 5-Minute Builds

Spark imagination and discover over 100 great LEGO® build ideas and creative challenges in this ultimate 5-minute activity book and back to school gift for kids!

On a recent decluttering session (longer than 5 minutes though), I found a couple of bins of Legos from when my son was younger (he is 20 now but loved creating with Legos for a long time, he made stuff for a stop-motion video when he was 15, I think).. Now I use it for fun, and this book helps.


Talking of decluttering, cleaning up something – even if just for 5 minutes – can make us feel better and feel accomplished as well.

It can be decluttering that table surface you have been putting off, or that drawer you have that you know needs some TLC! Declutter your purse or wallet (I know mine can use this, and it might take longer than 5 minutes in my case), or maybe simply that shoe cabinet or coat closet. Or pick one shelf in your pantry and clean it up a bit. How about your freezer? Is there some stuff that needs to be thrown out? Clean up your email or apps on the phone if you so choose.

Remember, the key is to focus on one small area or task at a time and work efficiently within the 5-minute timeframe. The sense of accomplishment from even a short decluttering session can bring a feeling of order and calm to your surroundings.

And last but not least, you can declutter your mind.. that one is in my 13 habits list – doing a brain dump.. write down all those thoughts floating around your mind and then decide what to do with them.

This book has been a life-saver for me many times over: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing !


Find something that brings a smile to your face or makes you laugh. Watch a funny video clip, read a joke, or think of a humorous memory. Laughter releases endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals, and can instantly lift your spirits.

If you enjoyed reading the jokes in Reader’s Digest like I did, then this book – Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine – might be one way to make you LOL. I use my copy often… and strangers should be glad I do it in the privacy of my home 🙂

You can also do some of these exercises to get that laughter rolling right out of you:

  • Fake laughter. Force yourself to laugh. It might feel silly at first but soon you will be LOL and having others around you ROTFL as well. Start with a few “Ha ha ha” or “Ho ho ho” laughs, and make sure to exaggerate the laughter.
  • Silly Faces. Stand in front of a mirror (or use the selfie mode in your phone) and make silly faces. You will find yourself smiling pretty soon


Listen to uplifting, upbeat music, or any favorite music of yours that is sure to make you feel better. Musical preferences are personal and “feel-good” music can vary between individuals, but there are some songs and albums often associated with positive vibes and can uplift your mood. Here are five such albums for you:

  1. Abbey Road” by The Beatles. Celebrating the Beatles from the start of this week!
  2. Joyous” by Pleasure. Aren’t both the album and group name enough?
  3. Aretha Franklin Sings The Great Diva Classics. Oh my, the list of songs in this album and Aretha Franklin weaving magic with her voice!!
  4. What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye. Gaye’s voice!
  5. Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder. An essential album to have in your collection


Practice self-love. My first suggestion here is to write down a list of things you like about yourself. If you need some inspiration to write such a list, then use this book – A Self-Love Journal: 100 Things I Love about Me.

And you can also make yourself a nice cup of tea, or soak your feet in some Epsom salt water, or take a quick shower.

And Now, the End of This 5 Things to do in 5 Minutes Post

Dear reader, what is your go-to 5 minutes or lesser task to boost your mood? Or your list of things to do in 5 minutes to make your day better? Which of the things mentioned here do you do regularly to bring some calm into chaos, a smile on your / another’s face, cheer all around, or for those simply because moments?

5 Things to do in 5 Minutes to Make Our Day Better

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  1. This is perfect timing because I have been feeling overwhelmed lately. I need to declutter my daughter’s toy and game closet. I also love the idea of the Lego 5-minute builds guide. We just got a new legos collection, which would be great for all of us to work on together!

  2. I loved your article on “5 Things to do in 5 Minutes to Make Our Day Better”! The practical and achievable suggestions you provided are perfect for fitting into our busy schedules. Thank you for sharing these simple yet effective ways to brighten our day!

  3. I would really love to try some of these! This will help me in lots of ways thanks for sharing this with us

  4. I’m all about journaling for five minutes every day for a great self- care experience. In fact, that’s what my freebie is. It can do wonders for making the day better!

  5. So loving these tips and decluttering is my number 1 goal this year too and can’t wait to get it all done! Great tips here…so thank you!

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