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A ChickTionary: Wonderful and Witty Words for Women

So today’s post has two parts, like the post title suggests, it contains both wonderful and witty words for women! First I bring you a wonderful and witty book (well, duh, you say!) but this one is a bit different from books I normally feature. Second, I bring you an alphabetical listing of wonderful and empowering words to describe women.

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A ChickTionary: Witty Words for Women

The CHICK-tionary


You’re all over the definitions of “low lights,” “ruching,” and a “tankini.” But can you spot a “Mrs. Potato Head” when you see one?

That’s where The Chicktionary comes in. With the help of Anna Lefler and her collection of 450+ must-know words and phrases, you’ll be in the know when faced with terms like Aberzombie, Bandeau, George Glass, and Puma.

So whether you are dealing with a Residual Girlfriend, diagnose yourself with a bad case of Basset Knees, or need to go on a Briet, you’ll be prepared for all that comes your way. At the very least, this book will serve as a delightful reminder that everyone has a skeleton in her closet–right next to her fat pants.

My Thoughts

So much fun! I am one of those who is in serious need of a chicktionary (for I am often totally out of the loop when I meet up with a group of girlfriends and they throw in a fem-term!) Given that the last time I went to a parlor or spa or any other such place to get something (anything) done was … well, I forget, for it was that long ago, beauty terms fly over my head, like at space level. While other chic chick-related words and terms and phrases – I get mainly because I read – but if they come at me out of the blue, then I am totally in the black about them 🙂

Anyways, back to the book.

First, a word of warning, this book is not for those who might feel offended or are not ready to read words that get replaced with symbols when in a public setting. While it is not full of swear words (not at all), Lefler does include words and terms that can be deemed mature but not outrightly profane. So this one is certainly for older audiences, aka adults with a healthy dose of humor.

With tongue-in-cheek humor and a level of sarcasm that is just right, Lefler proceeds to give readers a listing of terms that women use (apparently, and must be true, since like I already mentioned, I have no clue!) to communicate with other women.

The CHICK-tionary can make a great (gag) gift for those girlfriends with a sense of humor, and maybe also the perfect item for your workplace’s next White Elephant party. This can help people (like me) who might end up misusing words and terms otherwise (like I do often with teen-slang and such, which my kids never fail to let me know). And of course, it is a fun read which can inform you and leave you thinking: “Well, I never realized that is what it meant…” over and over again… Warning: reading it in public might lead others to think ….


Here are a couple of entries from the book to round out the review, and give you an idea of the book (and no worries, keeping it clean here)

So, there you have it! Now, go get it for yourself or for your BFF, and LOL!

A ChickTionary: Wonderful Words for Women

Next up, an A-Z listing for words we can use to describe women, be it ourselves or others we admire. And I am trying to include words that I aspire to be more of.

A is for Adventurous

I need to be more adventurous for sure, and hope to work towards this, for it is never too late.

B is for Bold

So I can take that leap

C is for Curious

I am curious enough about certain things, but I feel that I need to widen the field of things I am curious about, and also the level of curiosity!

D is for Disciplined

Oh, how I need more discipline in my life!

E is for Empathetic

I need to get better at being empathetic (not saying I am not, but I can learn to and need to get better)

F is for Flexible

Oh, I am generally very flexible as far as schedules and timelines go if things change for me/others. But I am talking about physical flexibility here (I know, a change from the rest of the words here). Flexibility seems to be a thing of the past for me, and when I try to work on some asanas, I realize that maybe that past I mentioned is in the Jurassic era!!

G is for Gregarious

I am not an introvert nor quiet when in the company of close friends or family; but I am certainly not someone who is out there, or being the life of the party. I still don’t aim to be that but do want to work towards gregariousness, just a teeny, tiny bit.

H is for Hardworking

I admit it, I am (kind of) lazy! So I need to work towards becoming at least more hardworking than I am right now.

I is for Intentional

Living intentionally is something I need to work on, with intention.

J is for Joyful

While I try to incorporate joy into my life as much as I can, now I want to get to that stage, where I am a joyful or joyous person more often than not.

K is for Kind

Just like I mentioned about being empathetic, I need to work some more on kindness.

L is for Light-hearted

This seems to be one of those ‘I used to be’ traits, and one I hope is still a part of me (inherited from my dad) and one that I just need to work on a bit, with intention 🙂 And while I thought that I will use the word ‘lucky’ for L (since doesn’t everyone want to be more lucky), I also have read enough quotes that say the more hard work we put in, the luckier we get. Since I already have ‘hardworking’ on my list, I decided to go for light-hearted instead.

M is for Mindful

Well, of course, this is a must for me to keep in mind at every moment.

N is for Neat

Neat I am not. So neat I need to get to be! And my mom is so very neat.

O is for Organized

O for Organized seems to be the next natural step after N for Neat! After years, I have finally gotten my closet staying the way it was for over a couple of months (it never lasted neat and organized for so long until now), so I guess I am working my way towards neatness and organization. But, I need to get more organized in other facets of life too.

P is for Patient

Another ‘I used to be’ trait, one that I seemed to have oodles and oodles of eons ago, and one that somehow leaked out slowly. So now, I need to find that hole it is leaking out from, plug it up, and store up or develop new sources of patience once again (another trait I inherited from dad).

Q is for Quick-witted

Do you know that feeling where you are showering or on the way back from talking to someone (or having had a discussion – maybe heated one at that) and think of something you should have said then? Something quotable and quippy and even quirky enough to bring smiles all around? Well, I need to stop getting that feeling and become quick-witted so I quip and quote then and there.

R is for Resilient

Resilience – I have some of it – but always helps to have more, right?

S is for Self-assured

I need to work on becoming and sounding more self-assured than I am right now.

T is for Tenacious

I am not tenacious, and I need to be.

U is for Unbiased

While I hope that I am free of most biases, it is not always the case. Something happens and you realize that you do have a bias of some sort – either inherently present and unconsciously too, or maybe it was because of nature/nurture/things we have read, seen, learned so far. And each time it happens, I try to work towards unbiasing myself, one thing at a time.

V is for Versed

Well, versed is always wonderful to be, as in, experienced or skilled in; knowledgeable about something. And like I mentioned about being curious, I hope that the new-found curiosity will help towards becoming versed in more things than I am right now.

W is for Whimsical

Besides being a favorite word I tend to use in many book reviews for picture books with whimsical artwork, it is also a trait I aspire towards. Whimsical, as in, playfully quaint or fanciful, especially in an appealing and amusing way.

X is for Xenial

Xenial refers to being friendly and hospitable, especially to strangers. So, this means that I need to be less wary and more helpful.

Y is for Young-at-heart

I hope to remain young-at-heart for as long as I can for sometimes I can get a bit serious or even tedious.

Z is for Zappy

Again, aspiring for more energy here!

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And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, do you have any similar reads in mind? And as always, I welcome your thoughts on this post. What is your favorite from the list of words for women here? And which word would you add to such a list? Do let me know

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  1. This is a delightful and witty article that celebrates the power of language and offers an entertaining and empowering “chicktionary” of clever words for women. Thanks for sharing!

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