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A Page in the Wind by José Sanabria: Book Review

a page in the windA Page in the Wind

by José Sanabria
Hardcover, 48 pages
Published September 4th 2018 by NorthSouth Books

Goodreads Description: A whimsical and moving story about discovering your purpose by José Sanabria. The last little newspaper on a newsstand wonders what its life will be like until a gust of wind sends its individual pages flying. Each page travels to a different place and experiences a vastly different life—from being used to clean a mirror and line the cage of a pet to being formed into a boat by a child and sheltering a homeless person from the cold—until, at last, the final page finds it’s true calling. Sanabria’s expressive art and thoughtful story reflect many ways our lives can be touched.

My Thoughts: Does the printed page have a life its own, feelings, a voice? As you browse through the pages of this book to look into the life of a newspaper, you will come to believe it does, and endearingly so! In today’s world where the printed newspaper is likely becoming part of a past, this book makes it a forever thing. Through its magical pages filled with detailed illustrations that are simply exquisite, the book lends a human voice to the newspaper – sometimes humorous, at others desolate, and a gamut of other emotions, just like life.

It made me smile, made me feel nostalgic, made me feel sad, and made me feel ‘me’.  The limited text says a lot in conjunction with the detailed frame-worthy illustrations. The reader can simply enjoy the newspaper’s journey while reading out aloud with an younger audience and explore the illustrations in depth – play ‘I Spy’ games on each page. Or with older kids, and even adults, the book can become so much more – an exercise in exploring life, in perspectives, in ‘what are we here for’ questions, discovering how many ways can we help others, and more.

My 15 yo says:In his words,  ‘Reading A Page in the Wind made me realize that oftentimes, we can find our true purpose in the random-est of moments‘ (not sure if my review was needed after this profound statement from my teen!)

My 12 yo says: In her words, ‘Cute story with detailed illustrations that each person reading the book can interpret in so many ways’

A Page in the Wind is definitely a gift-able book.

Possible activities:

  • For the youngest kids: explore how many different ways a newspaper can be used (starting with the ones mentioned in the book) and ‘I Spy’ games with the pages
  • For older ones: explore the actual journey of a newspaper – from the reporting to the presses to the readers; explore all those heavy ‘life’ parallel questions!

Rating: A
Reading Level: Ages 4 to 8 (and older kids, adults too – we are an older audience for this book!)
Reread Level: 5/5 — definitely worth going back again to enjoy the illustrations and discover new details each time.

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Disclaimer: Thanks to NetGalley and NorthSouth Books for the ARC. The review of the book is based on our honest opinions. This post contains affiliate links above so clicking through them and buying means I might earn some affiliate income.

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3 thoughts on “A Page in the Wind by José Sanabria: Book Review

  1. This book sounds absolutely charming! And I love what your children said about it!! I’m adding it to my list right now. Thanks so much for sharing, Vidya! Have a wonderful reading week.

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