All the Things We Really Need

All the Things We Really Need

Someone to say I Love You to,
Someone who says the same – to you
Someone who lights up when they see you,
and someone who lights you up too.

Someone who you can call no matter when,
be it early morn, late night, or every now and then..
Someone’s shoulder to lean on when times are tough;
to be the one someone comes to when enough is enough.

An assurance that someone is always there,
in times hard and also fair.
A smile to greet us when we need it,
arms to wrap us in a hug always the right fit!

[Oh yes, the basics of course, in the manner
of a roof over our heads, be it part of a manor
or a simple abode. And the other bare necessities.
Appreciation (for and) when we do have all these]

~ vidya tiru @ ladyinreadwrites

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