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Attention to Details Makes Wor(l)ds Magical


These words of Walt Disney ring true as we walk around any Disney theme park. The attention to details paid in every thing, from the obvious to the little things like trash cans and benches and lamp posts, is simply amazing. A post with more photos and tips from our Disney trip to come soon…

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6 thoughts on “Attention to Details Makes Wor(l)ds Magical

  1. I must be in the minority that doesn’t find Disney that magical, but I will say they do/did put a lot of effort into trying to make it a whole different world.

    1. Nona, there are many I know who do not find Disney magical.. but like you said, the attention to details is something that transforms the theme parks into something else.. for example, while we were in the Asia part of Animal Kingdom, it felt like we were in India..

  2. Disneyland certainly makes you feel that for a short while. But I’m over the disney thing now. Perhaps it’ll rekindle when I have my grandchildren. dropping by fron 6WS

    1. Thank you for visiting Suzy,will check out your blog soon. For us, as adults, we were fascinated by that attention to details …and in my case, though i am not one for the bigger rides (get motion-sick so am the designated bag-carrier), i enjoyed all the rides i could ride and loved the shows..

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