B is for Bollywood? Bangalore? Barfi? Birbal? Bournvita? Boost?

My A post talked about antakshari and Amar Chitra Katha and as I continue to explore my childhood that I would like to revisit through my children, for the letter B, I have a list of items:
Bollywood: While it took me almost into adulthood to think of India’s film capital as Bollywood, we grew up with Bollywood all around us – in the music heard on the radio, on the big screen in theaters, in the huge posters advertising the movies on the roadside, and in other media as well (the news, magazines devoted to the world of films – the popular ones included Filmfare and Stardust).  Since then, the influence of Bollywood has become global. I recall my trip to Indonesia in 1996 where we were in central Sumatra and whenever the locals ran into us on our walks around the neighborhood or in the market, they invariably stopped us and sang Hindi film songs to us and called out names of film stars (and looks like the dancer-star Mithun Chakraborty and the actress from the south – Sridevi were popular there). Now we try to watch Bollywood movies, old and new, with our kids and zumba to Bollywood songs as well together.

Bangalore: My current hometown in India where I first came to live to study engineering evokes many memories – for me and my kids – our annual summer trips to visit the grandparents means visits to the Garden City. And I am glad for that..The collage below is one glimpse into the city – the Lalbagh flower show held twice a year.

Barfi.(or burfi)….the sweet, not the recent Bollywood movie 🙂 and this evokes memories for the taste buds – yummmy.. I am glad of our trips to India and of the stores locally in our area, as well as the fact that if I spend sometime, I can make them at home myself (with my little girl ever ready to help). Barfi is a sweet confection made with sugar, ghee (clarified butter),  often-times milk and one (or more) other main ingredients. Kaju (or cashew) barfi, coconut barfi, besan barfi, almond barfi are some popular varieties.. Katlis are like a culinary cousin of barfis and one quick and easy recipe is featured on my blog here.

As for the rest, Q to the reader who grew up knowing these too: Was your drink Bournvita or was Boost the secret of your energy (or maybe you were a Complan boy or girl?)? And how did Birbal wow you with his brain-prowess? Let me know in the comments.

Signing off on the letter B as I continue on the #AtoZChallenge and the #UltimateBloggingChallenge a little later than planned while I come closer to catching up…

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