BBAW Day One: Appreciate

I wrote my
entry post for BBAW saying I have a couple of blogs I would love to mention but
if you look at my overflowing Reader and the blogs that I follow/subscribe to,
there are so many that I know I will miss many of the blogs I love no matter
how many I list here.
So, here are a few of them in alphabetical order and also
among the first book blogs I discovered. I love all these blogs and many more
which I did not mention here for so many reasons:  variety, humor, and all-in-all awesomeness!
I realized that I discovered quite a few of the blogs here
through memes or Reading Challenges (I have fallen behind on them already this
year and have a lot to catch up on!).
The wonderful thing about these blogger events is the
discovery of more wonderful blogs and bloggers out there (I know my list of fav
blogs is going to be way higher at the end of this week and I fear my Google Reader
is going to be overwhelmed!)

4 thoughts on “BBAW Day One: Appreciate

  1. that's my favorite thing about events like this is that I get to discover a ton of interesting blogs to follow, folks that I would have never found on my own. Man of La Book is wonderful, as is My Reader's Block. I'm off to visit everyone else on your list!

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