Black and White Blog Photo Challenge – Day One – Springing into Fall

The Black and White Blog Photo Challenge – it is exactly what it says it is. The wow factor of the photos people across social media have put up for the Facebook challenge of the similar nom, inspired; and here I am, trying out the challenge. My always handy iPhone and my always visible on the dining table Canon SX40 HS are both going to be used over the next few days.

The always gracious, always energetic Martha, from The Martha Review has nominated me for the Black and White Blog Photo Challenge (well, I was going – ‘pick me, pick me’, and she did, so – thank you Martha). Now I just need to find seven people I can nominate over the course of the next seven days. So, for those of who nominated – no pressures at all – you can join in on the challenge and nominate other bloggers, or not – totally up to you, seriously! But if you are reading this post and would like to be take part in the challenge, sure, let me know –  right here in the comments and I will nominate you for another day. Like Kyla says, in her day one post, nominating others kind of feels ‘spammy’:-) to me too, but I will randomly pick anyways (the rules say so – they are coming up next:))

Go ahead and check out Martha’s and Kyla’s blogs for tips and droolworthy recipes…

So, here are the rules that I will put in today’s post and point back to it for the next seven days:

  1. Share black and white photos daily for 7 days;

  2. There must be no animals or people in the photos;

  3. No captions, explanations, or other words to accompany the images;

  4. Nominate one person to participate each day of the challenge.

    So here are my photos for today: Black and white blog photo challenge

Black and White Blog Photo Challenge

Today, I am nominating Deepa who blogs at  Mrs.Dash Says and Indian Drama Queen. I discovered her blog during the A to Z Challenge earlier this year and enjoyed connecting with her then and now – this is an effort to reconnect and re-enjoy her cool sense of humor.

19 thoughts on “Black and White Blog Photo Challenge – Day One – Springing into Fall

    1. Roy, the top one – i ended up using a different filter that gave it that sepia effect – i had to clean up the car the next moment as had to drive the kids to school and this was the result of one windy, rainy night and our car underneath our beautiful Japanese maple…
      and roses are among my favorite things to photograph…

  1. Love your photos Vidya! Something about black and white photos, I seem to see so much more. In the top photo, I notice the reflection, the stems on the individual leaves and even the thorns on the bushes. Roses are my favorite also! I’ll let you in on a secret, my day 3 will be roses! Glad you joined in on this fun challenge.

  2. I love your photo. They are so pretty. I am enjoying looking at all of the photos in this challenge. I don’t have any photos on my computer yet. So, I can’t join in.

  3. Hi lady in read
    Thanks a ton for dropping into my blog and nominating it for the challenge.
    I do accept the challenge happily.
    Just that I havent been writing a lot for the past few months.
    I hope this challenge brings me back to the writing world.
    BTW love the pictures.

  4. Your photos are beautiful! This is a great challenge especially to capture life without people or animals since that is what most of world revolves around especially when we are moms.

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