Black and White Blog Photo Challenge – Day 3

The challenge:  You can read about it here in my day one post and it is exactly what it says it is – a black and white blog photo challenge.

The rules:

  1. Share black and white photos daily for 7 days;

  2. There must be no animals or people in the photos;

  3. No captions, explanations, or other words to accompany the images;

  4. Nominate one person to participate each day of the challenge.

Today’s nomination:

Today, I am nominating Renee from Heart, Soul, and Whole Food. I newly discovered her blog and have to admit I have to start actively interacting with her – commenting, etc, but I have been reading her posts of the past few todays, and even older ones.  You have to check out her blog, her about me page, and you will be back at her blog again once you do!

Today’s photo:

Bridges and shadows black and white blog photo challenge

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