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Quotes, Nutcrackers, and Slime: Book Reviews

Book reviews for all these books go towards the weekly It’s Monday What Are You Reading meme over at Teach Mentor Texts.

Reading is always magical for me, whether I am reading the newspaper, or a novel like ‘Cutting For Stone‘, or Adam Scott’s really insightful and sparkling with humor book that says you can succeed (book review for this yet to come!). And reading children’s books has its own special place in my heart and my mind. While some books are picked solely because my kids are reading them and we can read them together (like a recent re-reading of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ which my son is reading as part of school required reading or the reading together of ‘Little Women’ with my daughter), others are picked simply because…

And today’s books are the ones I picked simply because, and then had my daughter (who is all of 11, and a knightess in her own right) read them with me. Here are our thoughts on the books.

Zen Pencils - Inspirational Quotes for Children Review

Zen Pencils – Inspirational Quotes for Kids

Today I am glad.

Q: Why?

A:This delightful book led me to discover the Zen Pencils series and Gavin Aung Than!

Our thoughts: This book motivates, encourages, teaches, and of course, inspires. It is like a graphic novel version of a modern Aesop’s Fables with short stories that have a moral. In this case, the moral is the inspirational quote. The book includes quotes from many different personalities, such as Rabindranath Tagore (am so glad of this inclusion), Marie Curie, and Winston Churchill.  The accompanying graphics for each story and quote are like, well, peanut butter and jelly (while others are like pepper and salt, and so on..). Each quote and illustration has its own uniqueness while lending to each other. It is difficult to pick one favorite quote from a book that manages to teach without preaching, and addresses topics like racism, learning to love who you are, and more. This quote by Thoreou definitely made me happy and its whimsical illustration made me want to pick up my sketchbook.

Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder.

zen pencils quotes for kids review

Rating: A

Reading Level: While some of the graphics might be a little scarier for really younger readers, this book will be a great book for kids 7 and above (and adults as well).

Reread Level: 5/5



Delightful Secrets of the Nutcracker ReviewDelightful Secrets of the Nutcracker
by Julian Adair
Concierge Marketing Inc.
Adair Publications

Book Description: Many have heard the traditional story of The Nutcracker. However, few know the story behind the legend of ‘The Hard Nut’, the spell cast on young Frederick by the Rat Queen herself, and how the spell came to be lifted. This story is a glimpse into the great legend told in a way you’ve never heard before.

Our Thoughts: Christmas and the Nutcracker seem to go hand in hand. My first experience with the Nutcracker was at a production of the same at the city by the bay – Mark Foehringer’s Nutcracker Sweets. This is aimed towards younger audiences (at under 50 minutes play time) and was totally captivating and fun. Coming back to the book – every retelling of The Nutcracker has always charmed me, and this book is no different. Bright canvas style, Victorian-era paintings pop out of every page and seamlessly follow the storyline.

Rating: B+

Reading Level: 7 years and above

Reread Level: 4/5

slime book reviewThe Slime Book

Our thoughts: This book is a collection of slime recipes, both edible (about 4 of the 30 featured) and non-edible. The recipes are not that different from each other, just a variation of the couple of basic slime recipes featured in the book. It does contain tips, interesting science facts, and the variations mentioned are fun.

While this book failed to meets its mark at our home, with me and my daughter, who is the acknowledged slime-expert, in our house, I think it will help those who are new to the making of slime, especially younger ones.

Rating: C

Reading Level: 5 – 9 years old

Disclaimer: Thanks to NetGalley for providing the digital review copy of these books featured today.

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29 thoughts on “Quotes, Nutcrackers, and Slime: Book Reviews

    1. ha ha, i get the slime part.. i dread checking behind the window curtains in my daughter’s room – all her slime concoctions are placed on the window sill!!! and Zen Pencils – this book and the series look really cool, i am glad to have found out about them through this book

  1. That’s awesome that you’re involved with your children’s reading! I’m also a lover of books…although now that I’m older, I’m finding it harder to find books that I enjoy. Maybe I’ll check these out and see what I think!

  2. I’m pretty sure my mom is thanking God above that I missed the slime trend. I used to get that stuff out of gumball machines at the grocery store, but if I could make it at home we would have had to replace our carpet every 2 weeks.

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