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Celebrating People and Places Everyday in Books & More

Today, I bring you the letter N – for the books part, that is. In case you visited earlier this month and didn’t notice, I have been featuring books in alphabetical order each day this month, except for Sundays. And I realized that there is a theme: people and places

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Celebrating People and Places Everyday in Books

Disclaimer: Thanks to Edelweiss and the publishers for the digital review copies of these books

National Monuments of the USA

National Monuments of the USA (National Parks of the USA, 4) by Cameron Walker and illustrated by Chris Turnham (Children’s History | 6 – 10 years, and up | Wide Eyed Editions | June 13, 2023)

Description: Travel through America’s incredible history and amazing wild places, visiting the National Monuments that celebrate the most iconic and majestic landscapes and locations in the USA.

My Quick Thoughts

I have read and loved every book in this series! This book has a very cool selection of national monuments, both natural and man-made ones. I discovered tons of new monuments (and now added to my bucket list). In addition, I learned a lot more about the few familiar ones as well.

The illustrations are frame-worthy – each one of them – and I do hope that they make another book of postcards like they did with the previous National Parks book.

National Regular Average Ordinary Day

National Regular Average Ordinary Day by Lisa Katzenberger and illustrated by Barbara Bakos (Children’s Holiday Books | 3 – 7 years, and up | Penguin Workshop | February 16, 2021)

Description: Peter does not like being bored, so he celebrates a different holiday each day! Until a day without one. After trying many things, he realizes that he can even celebrate a regular, average, ordinary day!

My Quick Thoughts

Considering I highlight quirky holidays each week, this one was a must-read for me!! And like most books I have read, it is one worth celebrating! A fun, fun book all about imagination and innovation, and about realizing that every moment matters.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela (Volume 73) (Little People, BIG DREAMS, 73) by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara and illustrated by Alison Hawkins 

Description: In this book from the critically acclaimed, multimillion-copy bestselling Little People, BIG DREAMS series, discover the incredible life of Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first Black president and his fight for equality.

My Quick Thoughts

I can’t recall when I first read or heard about Mandela, but I do remember that I was in total admiration of his awesome inspiring-ness from that very first impression. This book, like every other book in the Little People, BIG DREAMS series is worth adding to the library, and 👍🏻, a must-read of course!

On a side note (and a coincidence), July 18th is Nelson Mandela’s birthday.


Nomads: Life on the Move by Kinchoi Lam (Children’s Nonfiction | 6 – 11 years, and up | Cicada Books | May 2, 2023)

Description: A beguiling look at seven contemporary nomadic cultures around the world, offering a timely insight into alternative ways of life that connect us to our ancestral roots.

My Quick Thoughts

A truly fascinating look at nomadic people around the world. The book delves into the lives of seven nomadic cultures. Kinchoi Lam offers richly detailed and colorful, realistic illustrations that help readers get a peek into the lives of these people. And the accompanying detailed narrative offers so much information that this book is sure to be a great resource for everyone curious about nomads. They are still very much a part of today’s cultural kaleidoscope and given that I have not seen much about this in education or even online, this is a much needed resource too.

Numbers, Numbers Everywhere

Numbers, Numbers Everywhere (Look Around and Learn) by Magda Gargulakova and illustrated by Sean Longcroft (Children’s Nonfiction | 6 – 9 years, and up | Albatros Media | June 6, 2023)

Description: An original concept where math is explained on real life situations showing the practical usage of numbers in our everyday lives.

My Quick Thoughts

I loved this unique look at numbers, and while it is neither people nor places, numbers do help us celebrate both in so many ways. This book does show some of them too – like people setting records of sorts – fastest/shortest etc, and other numerical aspects we celebrate (birthdays and more). And the same with places (also how

Erle Stanley Gardner: Wrote of People and Places

Erle Stanley Gardner was born on July 17, 1889. If you are wondering who he is, then most likely you have not heard of or read the Perry Mason books! Or maybe you have watched the HBO show based on these books.

There was a time in my life when I read many Perry Mason mysteries. If you are yet to pick one yourself, you should. While some of his stories might be a bit dated, as are the covers and those really cool titles (The Case of the Dubious Bridegroom/ The Case of the Curious Bride / and others like this).

Gardner’s characters show his insights into people. And that is not surprising given he was a lawyer, and well, Perry Mason is as well. I think that is what I loved about these books, a criminal lawyer not only helping his clients but solving those crimes too.

As I read more about Gardner, I realized that he wrote about places too – specifically Baja, California.

There are quite a few titles I read ages ago and recall enjoying (not sure how I might feel today but I did read one during my bookish summer of 2019 and loved it). One of them I think from ages ago was The Case of the Spurious Spinster.

And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, have you heard of or read any of the featured books today? If 👍🏻, your thoughts on them ? If not, which one would you pick first for yourself or someone else?

10 thoughts on “Celebrating People and Places Everyday in Books & More

  1. I absolutely enjoyed reading your post! Your dedication to celebrating people and places through books is evident, and your well-thought-out reviews make the featured titles enticing. The variety of genres and age ranges covered makes it appealing to a broad audience. Keep up the great work in promoting literature and exploration!

  2. I love to read about people and their life! They inspire me a lot! I have some book titles here that I am interested in!

  3. Such a greta list of reads here and I especially need and want that national Parks book. I so want to buy an RV and visit them all!

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