Continental Reading Challenge 2018

Continental Reading Challenge 2018 @LadyInReadWrites

I just could not help myself, once I got started, I had to put another one out there. Continental Reading Challenge 2018. I hope you join me as I traverse across the continents… Another reading challenge I am hosting is the Reading by the Month challenge – check it out too !

Level One: One book for each continent

Level Two: Two for each continent (or 14 in all but ensure they are spread across at least 5 continents with level one having been met)

Here are the rules:

  • The book can satisfy the condition for the continent if a) the author belongs to that continent; b) the book is set in that continent or c) you could also pick a book that is either set there for at least a major part of the book or has something that is unique to that continent- eg: penguins for Antarctica (Mr.Popper’s Penguins is one such example)…
  • There is no start and/or end date for when to join the challenge (latest date to enter a link is Dec 31th, 2018)
  • A book counts if you’ve read it in 2018, no matter when you join the challenge
  • If there are multiple settings in the book across continents, pick one continent to check off – ie a book counts for only one place
  • You can mark off on a map to make it more interesting as you travel across the world through your books
  • You can pick fiction or non-fiction. Books can be for kids, or for adults (so kids books, middle-grade, YA, and more).
  • Use a google map to pin the locations based on the books read – create your own book map. Mine was started a couple of years ago but sorely needs updates – link for my book map is here
  • And a bonus for reading one more book out of this world – maybe set in outer space or a fantasy land!!

Enter by signing up in below linky. For this challenge, I plan to put up a linky for completion at the end of every four months. Subscribe to receive updates on the challenge.  Use #ContinentalRead hashtag.

Towards day two of my UBC..

18 thoughts on “Continental Reading Challenge 2018

  1. This sounds interesting. I am trying to up my game with more reading but l’m not ready yet 😀. Finanlly replaced my Kindle so getting there. Happy reading

  2. I’m loving this travel & reading challenge! Definitely hope to be a part of this, this year! Hoping for a year full of reading & seeing the world. ♥ Happy New Year!

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