Finding poetry….

For the letter F for ABC Wednesday, I toyed around with the idea of Found Poetry – it seems like it should be simple enough considering the words to be used in the poem are already there – in the text of whatever prose, poem, or other source chosen. But it is not as simple as that: to actually create poetry out of these found words is a task that requires a few things:

  • one, choose the words that catch your attention 
  • two, group them together just right so they catch your attention all over again
  • three, they resemble a poem of some sort (even if free verse – another poetry form that begins with the letter f). 

 While looking at examples of found poetry,  I noticed that some seem to retain the order of words exactly as in the original text, while others use the words and move them around to create their poem. Still others create works of art on the pages of the ‘found poem’ using the found/unused words and those add another dimension to this poetry form. I fiddled with each of these for the past few days in my quest to create a decent found poem and I do not think I succeeded here.

So, while I found many interesting texts, pages, and more with words that I found and seemed just perfect, I found it very difficult to give them form. But this is what I came up with (and I am going to continue trying, for myself, to come with something more) – from Chapter 17 of the book ‘Number the Stars’ by Lois Lowry – one that I really enjoyed reading and was very glad to have picked up.

When Freedom Gleamed
Churchbells rang, people wept
In every window, eyes bright
Flowers on a numbered ground
A memory, discolored, but still with hope
Hope – tended and polished,
Brought music to sound,
People as neighbors, as friends
Singing, dancing

 and the text’s image/MS Paint version I came up with

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