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Five Things That Needed List Making Today and Now!

So this post is like a list of lists for I ended up with five things that needed list making.

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Things That Needed List Making Today and Now!

Well, not really.. but it seemed fun to say it and also make a list of things that I already almost did and would definitely finish and then feel accomplished for checking off those items off my to-do list!! So let us get started, shall we?

5 Reasons Why Little Women Continues to Inspire

I am continuing my Little Women theme by looking at reasons why the book still endures and continues to inspire readers, writers, movie makers, and more even today. Some of the things that appeal to me the most, and I am thinking many others too, include the book’s:

Timeless Themes

Little Women explores universal and timeless themes such as love, family, friendship, and the pursuit of one’s dreams, making it relatable across generations. Its coming-of-age narrative resonates with readers at different life stages, offering a relatable journey from adolescence to adulthood.

Relatable Characters

Alcott’s use of different personalities for each sister ensured that readers found someone to relate to among the sisters, in one way or the other. And if not the sisters themselves, then readers saw themselves in other characters in the book. They are all real, flawed, and well, just like you and me and all of us are, just in a different timeline.

Granted, Alcott based many of the main characters on people she knew – including the March sisters on her own sisters – and others known to her. Maybe, this helped her flesh out relatable and real characters in Little Women.

Boss Ladies Ahead of Their Time

These ladies were feminists ahead of their time. Jo March, especially, is like a “literary” Wonder Woman. She’s out there, breaking gender norms before it was even cool. And come to think of it, Alcott was too (of course, she based Jo’s character on herself).

The book is the ultimate reminder that you should never underestimate what women can do. Whether it’s Jo pursuing her writing dreams or Marmee being the wise matriarch, these ladies are a force. It’s like a reminder to the world: never, ever underestimate the power of a woman on a mission.

Talk about inspiring – these sisters along with their mom and even Hannah are the OG trailblazers. They break away from traditional gender roles, showcasing strong, independent female characters that continue to inspire readers, regardless of age or gender.

Feels, Feels, and More Feels

Little Women hits you right in the feels. It’s like an emotional rollercoaster, but in a good way. Laugh, cry, smile, weep, repeat – it’s like a workout for your heart. The bond between the sisters is like the ultimate #SisterGoals, and sisterhood never goes out of style, does it? This strong relationship among the March sisters, despite their differences, showcases the importance of sisterhood and female solidarity.

Then there are the other bonds as well, between the sisters and their mom; their friends; their aunt; and Hannah, of course, making this book a handbook on girl power. It’s not just about the March sisters; it’s about how women support and uplift each other across generations. You read it, and suddenly you’re part of this incredible legacy of strong, supportive women.

Classic with a Side of Life Lessons

The book isn’t just a classic; it’s a manual for life. There’s this subtle teaching vibe going on, like you’re not just reading a story but getting some serious life wisdom dropped on you. It’s like your literary GPS to navigating the ups and downs of life. Alcott gently weaves moral lessons and virtues into the storyline, emphasizing the importance of kindness, generosity, and perseverance

The March family isn’t just about their little world; they’re like the gold standard for being good neighbors and friends. It’s like they have this cosmic rule: if you read the book, you automatically sign up for being a good human. It celebrates all those warm fuzzy feelings we need more of in the world.

Bonus and etc

So there you have it, my five reasons. I have many more but since this is a five for Friday post, kept it to five of them. What do you think is Little Women’s enduring quality?

Unique Stocking Stuffers for This Holiday

You are going to find more than five items below, but then they are sorted into five categories!!

Writing, Anyone?

  • Poetry Tiles from Rayliad. Of course, I had to include something poetic. These magnetic tile kits come in various themes to suit your needs.
    • Essential Kit for just about anyone..
    • Sassy Words Kit for when the need to be sarcastic, sassy, and witty strikes
    • Emotion & Feeling Words Kit to express all those feels…
    • and then there is more
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  • If you are writing the traditional way – with pencils (or coloring or journaling with them) – then this cute Pinocchio shaped sharpener is sure to keep you motivated to sharpen your pencils (aka write more!)

Mindfulness and More

  • Any one of these unique items from Zinsk is sure to get anyone (including moi) motivated to practice some yoga moves and work some more on the attitude of gratitude

Chefs and Such

AI generated image! by Bing.. (had to use this one.. too cute to resist)

Make cooking and dining more fun and playful with these kitchen accessories.

  • Oh my! Adorable wine stoppers that I need now (and will be getting soon – in time for the holidays) though I don’t drink wine myself but for my DH. You have the choice of cute beanie shaped ones, stylish bowler hats, or fun sombreros!!
  • These bright and fun spoon rests are ideal for any kitchen and dining table. Should I get the Ravioli shaped one or the Betty Wig shaped one for myself? I think my daughter might be the best judge for this decision…
  • I find hot tray holders a great help in the kitchen and often reach out for the ones I already have. But it cannot hurt to have a couple more of them, especially when they are so fun to look at! Like this Mezzelune-Shaped hot tray holder or this Penne-shaped pot handle sleeve!

And if you are looking for something classy and elegant, here are some ideas for that too:

  • These items from the women-run company Mudpie range from ~$15 to ~$100 , and are ideal for everything from stocking stuffers to wonderful gifts. The company also offers a whole range of apparel and other items for your home.

For Your Home in General

This one might be a great White Elephant gift too given it is a deodorizer!! But also useful and practical; and something I will be getting for my son to use in his apartment he shares with roommates while at college!

  • Cute bunny shaped Sneaker Peekers to help eliminate odors in shoes, cupboards, and more
  • While this penguin shaped Chill Bill is perfect for your fridge.
  • And then there is Air Claire who you can pair with the Sneaker Peekers for various spaces in your home.

And Games for Road Trips and Home too (Because We Love Road Trips and Board Games!)

  • We of course love Uno and Kanoodle and
  • I have been seeing this game – Flipside – everywhere and loving it so getting one for myself soon.
  • And if you love Trivial Pursuit, this multipack of Trivial Pursuit Mini Packs is sure to keep everyone occupied and entertained for hours!
  • This cleverly named game – What Do You Meme? Shotgun!! – is another I am picking up for myself

Five Books About Lists You Will Want for Yourself (They Make Great Gifts Too!)

The Bookish Memes Five…

Great or Nothing

Great or Nothing by Joy McCullough, Caroline Tung Richmond, Tess Sharpe, Jessica Spotswood (12 years and up) 

A reimagining of Little Women set in 1942, when the United States is suddenly embroiled in the second World War, this story, told from each March sister’s point of view, is one of grief, love, and self-discovery.


Marmee: A Novel of Little Women by Sarah Miller (Women’s Literary Fiction)

From the author of Caroline, a revealing retelling of Louisa May Alcott’s beloved Little Women, from the perspective of Margaret “Marmee” March, about the larger real-world challenges behind the cozy domestic concerns cherished by generations of readers.

(1 & 2) Book Beginnings and First Line Friday

BOOK BEGINNINGS ON FRIDAY is hosted by Rose City Reader. What book are you happy about reading this week? Please share the opening sentence (or so) on BOOK BEGINNINGS ON FRIDAY! Add the link to your blog or social media post and visit other blogs to see what others are reading.

Happy Friday and welcome to the FIRST LINE FRIDAY, hosted by Reading is My Superpower! It’s time to grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line.

Great or Nothing


3 Friday 56

THE FRIDAY 56 is hosted by Freda’s Voice (currently by Anne at HeadFullofBooks) To play, open a book and turn to page 56 (or 56% on your e-reader). Find a sentence or two and post them, along with the book title and author. Then link up on Freda’s Voice and visit others in the linky. 

Great or Nothing


4 Book Blogger Hop

The purpose of THE BOOK BLOGGER HOP is to give bloggers a chance to follow other blogs, learn about new books, and befriend other bloggers. THE BOOK BLOGGER HOP is hosted by Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer.    

{Book Blogger Hop} — Do you read multiple books at once?

Oh yeah!! I always do.. That is the one thing I love to continue multitasking at 🙂

5 The Multiple Books I am reading this week

  • In addition to the two mentioned above, I am also rereading the Checklist Manifesto, British Booksellers, and one more at least!

Five Things From This Week

  • We finished submitting college applications for my daughter..Yay!!! And now…. we wait!
  • The new slow cooker we bought (thanks Costco) is working out rather well. Granted, I need to plan cooking in a whole different way but the two meals I tried out in it turned out great! Lentils have a somewhat bolder richer yet smoother texture.
  • On the other hand, I am not too sure about the robotic vacuum (also Costco) we ordered. Is it smart? Or not? It does do a good job and has raving reviews which is why even though I had been resisting getting one though DH used to ask me to buy one for our home, I finally agreed. It seems to do a good job and I love that it mops as well which is great, but ..
  • Not sure how I ended up sick (a cold that has lasted the week now) despite me being the only family member who got the flu and Covid shots about three weeks ago.
  • Celebrating the month of Karthigai by lighting a few lamps and candles around the home each day does brighten not only our home but our moods too!

And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, if somehow you managed to reach the end of this long post, then thank you! I hope you got something out of it for you – an idea, a happy thought, or any other good-for-you takeaway. If you did, then i am glad, and would love to know what that was.

8 thoughts on “Five Things That Needed List Making Today and Now!

  1. Little Women does have so many themes that have stood the test of time!
    Great lists of useful things to know about around the home – these always make for good gifts!

  2. Good luck to your daughter on the college applications! We’ve had robo vacs for years but I’ve turned off scheduled cleanings because our dog had an accident & we didn’t realize it until the robo vac found it first. That wasn’t fun LOL

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