Foto Kind of Day…

For PhotoSunday (glass), during our trip to San Diego, we spent one evening in beautiful Balboa Park (there is another visit due south to San Diego just so we can explore Balboa Park in its entirety!). While we did not have enough time to spend in all the various museums it holds, we did spend an amazing couple of hours in the Spanish Village Art Center. It was the holiday season and the air all around seemed to hold that extra cheer! One stop was outside a studio where the artist was working on a blown glass project (I think the end product was a beautiful vase but we did not stay till the very end).. This photo was during the process. It is fascinating to watch artists at work, always!

For Our Beautiful World(yummy): this photo below is one that will have most people familiar with Indian street foods drooling over it – this is a popular chaat variety. ‘Chaat‘ refers to sweet or savory snacks, typically served at street-side stalls. A whole variety of chaats including this plate below was part of our meal at Mumbai domestic airport a couple of years ago on a trip there.

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