Fun Friday – Googlism is Fun!

For dVerse – one more Googlism for G-Man’s Friday Flash 55. too
The googlisms for Once Upon a Time in Italics below

Once Upon a Time

once upon a time is
a frolicking romp through fantasyland
not a mail order company and there is no catalog available
a celebration of the power of narrative
a child’s version about the meaning and importance of time
nearly now
how most great stories begin
certainly worth checking out
now out of print
We have loads of festive fun come fall… and Diwali marks one of the peaks of fun – with food, fireworks, and of course festive clothes and just this wonderful feeling in the air! More festive fun to follow….

6 thoughts on “Fun Friday – Googlism is Fun!

  1. Happy Diwalli…!!!!!!
    Lady…This was fantastic!
    I just loved the outlay of it too.
    Loved your Out of Print 55
    Thanks for playing, Thanks for your support
    have a Kick Ass Week!!!

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