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Fun Friday – Pathwords Jr. Review

The Product Review

Pathwords Jr

Our Thoughts on Pathwords Jr

From the Kiddos

My 9 year old gave Pathwords Jr 4 and ¾ star out of 5 .
His comments on the game – ‘It is a great game, one of the best word searches I have ever done. Some are easy but most are really tough and challenging. It is fun and sometimes frustrating because I cannot find the words, gives me an idea of future word puzzles and I definitely encourage other people to play it. It is good for kids 6 and above.’ (The last comment is because he saw his little sister play and enjoy it)

My 6 year old loved it when she found the words, she enjoyed it when they were backwards or upside down. She tried to make up stories using the words in each word set after she had found them. She mainly played the easy level and watched her older brother play the harder levels.

My Comments on Pathwords Jr

This is a twist on the fun and classic word search game.  Bright, colorful, and transparent shaped tiles cover the found words. Small words and small word sets make up the beginner puzzles, which are perfect for younger kids. Higher levels include clues that get harder and harder, rather than words themselves. I enjoyed playing at all the levels myself. It helps improve vocabulary, logical thinking, problem solving, and observation powers. Good to take along for travel or long waits for appointments.

The only con I notice is that once we complete all the levels, it is done; but hopefully, we can get more puzzles to print out online at the ThinkFun website or even make up puzzles for each other to play.

In Summary

A great family game which can be played alone or together.

Rating: A
You can buy it at ThinkFun or Amazon.
Please check the video below for how to play and a glimpse into the game.

Disclaimer: Thank you to ThinkFun for providing the game for review, and to Charlotte Fixler from ThinkFun. I was not given any other compensation and this is my honest review of the game.
End Note: Hours of fun is perfect to describe this game.

The Memes:

 For  Friday Firsts and Book Beginnings: From ‘The Shadow Princess’ by Indu Sundaresan – the third book in the Taj Trilogy

‘BurhanpurWednesday, June 17, 163117 Zi’l-Qa’da A.H. 1040The empress’s howl, splintered and exhausted, stretched thinly into the night air and then fractured into little pebbles of sound. ‘ For Friday
– From ‘The Shadow Princess’ by Indu Sundaresan – the third book in the Taj Trilogy

‘The tomb was designed after a jewel box that Mehrunissa owned. It was square, sixty-nine feet long on each side. Each corner had an engaged minaret, which was octagonal until the flat roofline and circular beyond, topped with a rounded cupola.’ 

Synopsis from Amazon for ‘The Shadow Princess’

The daughters of Emperor Jahangir, Jahanara and Roshanara, plot and scheme against one another in an attempt to gain power over their father’s harem. As royal princesses they are confined in the imperial harem and not allowed to marry. However, this does not stop them from having illicit affairs or plotting the next heir to the throne. These royal sisters are in competition for everything: power over the harem, their father’s affection (still focused on his dead wife), and the future of their country.

Unfortunately, only one of them can succeed. And, despite their best efforts to affect the future, their schemes are eclipsed, both during their lives and in posterity, as they live in the shadow of the greatest monument in Indian history, the Taj Mahal. With a flair and enthusiasm for history and culture, Sundaresan creates a story full of rich details that brings the reader deep into the world of the lives of Indian women and their struggles for power and consequence.

6 thoughts on “Fun Friday – Pathwords Jr. Review

    1. the series is interesting and i learned a lot about Mughal India – facts meshed with fiction is how they should teach history too is what I am thinking now… 🙂

    1. Freda, in fact, all the covers for this series are beautiful. I have reviewed the first book in the series earlier (The Twentieth Wife) in my blog and will review the second one soon (Feast of Roses).. you should try ;The Twentieth Wife and let me know your comments on it.

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