Fun Fridays – Thimble Summer for memes

For my Friday memes, Book beginnings and Friday 56 – from Thimble Summer by Elizabeth
‘GARNET thought this must be the hottest day that had ever been in the world. Every day for weeks she had thought the same thing, but this was really the worst of all.’
“…It had all different kinds of faucets on it; a strawberry faucet,
and a vanilla one, and chocolate and pineapple and maple. It makes me hungry to
tell about it.”
Well, it makes me hungry to type it…!
Don’t these excerpts from the book make you hungry for more?
I am so glad I discovered this book in an effort to read something for my
challenges. I am still not at page 56, since I am reading way too many books at the same time (ten in fact, the most I have so far) but this is a short read so I am going to finish this first and go to reading the books in series, not in parallel:) is not working for me too well right now….

Posting each day of the month, blogging for it’s own sake, enjoying memes and reading challenges – I have managed it so far. Next week is a different story though – the holiday season begins!

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