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Grey Matters: Wonder If I’m Growing Right and True

I recently had a birthday and taking care of grey matters increases with each one. I wonder if I am growing wiser with each passing day, or just older. Am I growing right and true? Am I making sure to learn from my mistakes, and not repeat them? When we move forward, have things change in our lives, do I bid goodbye to the old with fondness, and welcome new things with excitement?

Today’s post is a mix of things, to do with birthdays, growing older, with conquering fears and anxieties and relying on ourselves, and the simple joys of childhood songs as well.

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Grey Matters and More

Book One: Grey Matters

Grey Matters: Poems About Mental Health and Healing by Kristen Costello

Description: Grey Matters is a poetry collection that urges us to have conversations about the things we’re told to suppress – to bring our darkness to light. It provides refreshingly honest and relatable depictions of anxiety, depression, and eating disorders while also offering sparks of hope to readers – healing may not be a linear process, but over time, it is possible.

My Quick Thoughts: Honest and brilliant. From poems that take readers to the dark depths of despair to others that soar with joy, Costello’s words are raw, honest, and hold out hope to all who read them. I look forward to more from her.

Book Two: Goodbye, Old House

Goodbye, Old House by Margaret Wild and illustrated by Ann James () 

Description: A joyful story about moving house and embracing change from a much-loved, award-winning team.

My Quick Thoughts: Tug, tug, tug… at my heartstrings, and pull, pull, pull… at the corner of my lips to make them smile! That is what this book did, through this powerful combination of a tender relatable narrative and sweet, sweet artwork.

Like Raffi Sings: When Grey Matters, I Wonder If I’m Growing Right

I am not sure how I first heard or chanced upon a cassette of Raffi’s songs. But I am glad I did. His songs brought great joy and kept us company on many road trips. In fact, we sometimes still listen to them, simply to bring smiles on our faces. July 8th is his birthday, so wishing him a very happy birthday!

Have you heard his songs? If 👍🏻, you know what I am talking about – that toe-tapping happiness and pure silliness that springs from listening to Down by the Bay (my favorite) or There is a Spider on the Floor (also my favorite!) or any of the other songs. And if you have not heard them yet, you should, no matter how old or young you are.

Plus, you can read his songs too to sing along with him if you wish with this set of books.

Raffi still sings and is currently touring too. He is an active advocate for children, and he founded the Centre for Child Honoring, a non-profit organization dedicated to bettering kids’ lives everywhere.

And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, as always, I welcome your thoughts and recommendations.

10 thoughts on “Grey Matters: Wonder If I’m Growing Right and True

  1. What a throwback with that Raffi video – love it!! I’m also in love with that book “Old House”. I’ve always been so attached to the places we’ve lived in.

  2. I love that this book is fulled with poems….I enjoy reading them and this book sounds perfect for my book collection!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post about the journey of growing older and wiser. Your introspective thoughts on learning from mistakes, embracing change, and finding joy in simple pleasures were relatable and thought-provoking. The book recommendations, “Grey Matters” and “Goodbye, Old House,” sound captivating and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your insights and introducing us to Raffi’s joyful songs. Keep up the great work!

  4. This is something good to think about. I feel like we are expected to suppress our feelings and things that are negative, when we should really be able to talk about them.

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