Haibun Monday

The theme for Haibun Monday over at dVerse this week is ‘Waiting’.


Lighting Up Magic and Cheer
It has already been a whole day, almost – a car ride, a
train journey that seemed to take forever, a walk on a beautiful clear day by
the bay, and we are finally here. We wait as the temperatures start to drop. My
little girl slips her hands into the pockets of my jacket to keep herself warm –
the gloves are not enough. I hug her closer and we hope the sheer numbers in
the crowd will keep us warm.  Holiday
music joins the cheery sounds all around us, and we all wait. It is time,
silence is heard for one solitary moment of anticipation and then it is oohs
and aahs all around as we all marvel together, and this moment, thus shared is
magical, almost!
Twinkling eyes, bright smiles,

Every heart lights up a little;

Her hands clap in joy.

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