Here are the Best Books of Quotes Ever!! (Maybe?)

We love quotes; we all do. In fact, the whole internet is in love with quotes! “Quote” posts get tons of likes and shares all over social media. And bibliophiles tend to favor bookish quotes. These could be quotes from books, about books, about reading, or quotes about anything bookish at all. So when we love books and we love quotes, of course it follows that we will love books of quotes too!

When we read an inspiring sentence or a motivational passage, it does wonders to our hopes and confidence. If we are feeling morose, reading a witty line or two is sure to bring an upward curve to our lips. Whether we seek wisdom or solace, or we are looking for ourselves or whole other worlds, we can find that within the words on the pages of books, and many a time, in specific quotations therein.

If single quotes wield so much power, and books hold so much magic, imagine what books of quotes can do to us!

I find much truth in this quote about quotes from Philip Gilbert Hamerton:

“Have you ever observed that we pay much more attention to a wise passage when it is quoted, than when we read it in the original author?” ~The Intellectual Life, 1873 (source).

So instead of sharing quotes today, I am bringing to you a collection of books of quotes instead.

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The Best Books of Quotes Ever!!?

Ralph Keyes calls quotation collectors “quotographers,” the men and women who gather catchwords, watchwords, war words, winged words, maxims, mottos, sayings, and quips into books of a thousand pages. Through the centuries quotation collectors have saved quotations that would otherwise be lost. ~Willis Goth Regier, Quotology (source).

Based on this definition, the below books are all from quotographers. And when we ourselves compile lists of quotes for others to peruse, we become the same. I wonder what one would call someone who collections books of quotations??

Each of the books here is different yet wonderfully cool in its own right, and great to dive into anywhere within for that right quote to fit your mood.

And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, have you read any of the listed books? Your thoughts on them if you have read the book, and if not, which one would you pick first? Any recommendations for similar reads?

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11 thoughts on “Here are the Best Books of Quotes Ever!! (Maybe?)

    1. 🙂 Glad to have given you a few books to add to your TBR… (for the books you have suggested to me over the years – via your blog – have filled a whole book of lists for me already!!)

  1. I picked up “2,548 Best Things Anybody Ever Said” from the bookstore awhile back, and it’s great fun to dive into it whenever you need a good quote.

    1. That is such a cool thing to do.. this reminds me of my husband’s aunt who does the same and I always find myself looking towards the chalkboard first when i go to her place 🙂

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