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How Does Our Body Work? And Wondrous Wonders Made?

Today’s post is a How post. As I ponder on many hows each day, including just how my kitchen floor manages to get as messy as it does no matter how often I clean it to how are the many things we think are wonders made? Also, how does our body work? It is amazing when we think about all that our body does. And when I look at all those ancient wonders that are still standing (even those that are no longer there), I wonder how the people of those times managed to build them without the technology we have today.

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The Books: How Does Our Body Work and More

How Does My Body Work?

How Does My Body Work? Human Body Book for Kids by Sara LaFleur, MD (STEAM Experiments and Activities for Kids 8-11)

Description: How does your body work? This fun human anatomy book helps kids answer that question through awesome, hands-on STEAM/STEM experiments and activities.

My Thoughts

This will make a great reference book to help understand the many systems of the human body. Using a combination of fun facts (my favorite part of this book) in colored text boxes, and simple experiments, this book helps readers embark on a fun learning journey. Especially loved the Whoa, Weird! information boxes!

The book has nine chapters, starting with one devoted to the building blocks of our body, and then a chapters for the different systems (nervous, respiratory, digestive, and so on). Each chapter begins with a basic yet thorough introduction to the system, with fun section taglines (for eg: Taking out the trash is the tagline for the ‘Lymph Nodes and Spleen’ section). Then come the experiments and activities. Each chapter has a few varied ones, ranging from DIY games and activities that can be done with paper and pencil to others like building a compost or coming up with a fun dessert to show our building blocks!

The book will definitely benefit a lot from having uniform language throughout. At some points, I felt the book was for older readers (13+) while at others, it seemed better suited for the intended target audience of 8 – 12 years. The same with the included experiments and activities. With that said, younger readers will benefit the most from this book with the help of an adult or older teen working with them.

Overall, this book is a great and totally fun and interactive way to learn about how our body works.

How the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Were Built

How the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Were Built by Ludmila Henkova and illustrated by Tomas Svoboda (Children’s Nonfiction | 9 – 12 years, and up | Albatros Media | November 30, 2021)

Description: We admire the ancient wonders today, but somebody had to build them. No heavy machinery, no semitrucks, no cement mixers. How was it even possible to build such wonders as pyramids and temples in ancient times? 

My Quick Thoughts

A quick read that still gives readers lots of information on how these amazing ancient man-made wonders were built. I loved all the included facts and the book left me even more in awe of these ancient civilizations that left us with wonders! And now I am inspired to learn more about these wonders.

Extra Fun Stuff: How to Write a Biography

(July 10th is Clerihew Day)

Have you ever wanted to write a biography? With a touch of humor maybe? Then fear not, the clerihew is the answer, you see! With the clerihew poem as our guide, our biographical words will be sure to glide.

Start with the subject’s name, then add some jest, making readers laugh and cheer. Unleash your creativity, let imagination flow free, and remember to keep it light and clear. A dash of humor, a pinch of truth, and voila! A biography that’s sure to endear. So, grab your pen and rhyme away, for the world awaits your lyrical flair!

The rhyme scheme’s simple, A-A-B-B, so go ahead and craft verses light and free! With humor and brevity, create a splash, poking gentle fun, but never too brash. Remember, accuracy’s key in this art, but sprinkle humor like a work of Mozart. So, delve into stories, research with glee, finding anecdotes that set them free.

First, the name of the subject appears, joined by some humorous cheers. Next, a quirky trait we’ll expose, like a writer with mismatched prose. The third line dances with a twist, weaving their accomplishments in our midst. And finally, the last line takes flight, a witty punchline that ignites pure delight.

So, embrace the charm of the clerihew’s glee, and embark on this biographical spree. With rhythm and laughter, the story will bloom, a poetic tribute that breaks the gloom.

The Complete Clerihews

The Complete Clerihews by E C Bentley (Poetry | House of Stratus; New edition | January 12, 2008)


Edmund Clerihew Bentley published a volume of nonsense verse consisting of a series of four-liners designed to poke fun at distinguished personalities. Illustrated by Bentley’s lifelong friend, eminent critic and author G K Chesterton, they were known as ‘clerihews’ and became as popular as the limerick form. In ‘Complete Clerihews’ the entire collection is presented, with original illustrations. The assortment of over 100 participants includes: ‘Karl Marx, Jane Austen, Mussolini, Henry VIII, Noel Coward, Tennyson, Dante, Leonardo Da Vinci, Dorothy Sayers, Aeschylus, Keats, President Roosevelt, Cleopatra and Lewis Carroll.’

My Thoughts

Fun! yup fUN! FuN! in every way I see it, this one is a FUN read…

And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, have you ever attempted a clerihew? Which of these ‘how’ questions have you pondered upon the most? As always, welcome all thoughts and recommendations

16 thoughts on “How Does Our Body Work? And Wondrous Wonders Made?

  1. Oh I bet my granddaughter would like to receive the Seven Wonders with her birthday gifts. That’s something I would even enjoy reading with her.

  2. I am amazed at the things our bodies can do. I mean having a baby is a miracle to running a marathon. Let’s not even mention our bodies healing itself after illness too. Pretty amazing.

  3. At my age, 66, I wonder how my body even works anymore!! Just kidding. But this book does sound interesting and would be interesting to know what makes our bodies work.

  4. I am goin g to have to get that book for my daughter as she would be so invested in that one and would love it….as would I!

  5. My kids would really enjoy reading ” How Does Our Body Work “. As a retired hospice nurse, it’s amazing to know how our body works. Our body is AMAZING !!

  6. These are all really great book to check out. I think my kids are going to love the Seven Wonders of the world.

  7. I enjoyed reading your post and learning about the books you shared. Your detailed descriptions and personal insights make it engaging and informative. The inclusion of affiliate links and the disclosure shows transparency. Keep up the great work in providing valuable content!

  8. Most of my favorite biographies and autobiographies I’ve read have all been written with a touch of humor. If we can’t bring ourselves to laugh at ourselves, then what are we even doing?

  9. One of my goals at the start of this decade is to read more. You just gave me some books to add to my library, especially the 7 Wonders. Thank you so much for providing these book recommendations.

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