How to have an Outwordly Experience in Page, Arizona..

For My Sunday Photo and for Our Beautiful World(light), and as I continue my UBC,  here is a photo I took on our trip to the wondrous Antelope Canyons in Page, Arizona during the holiday break. This is going to remain in our memories for a long time and I hope to return to see them again in summer sometime in the future (to see the famous beams of light streaming in – this is in the Upper Antelope Canyons). But, like our tour guide said, the canyons are beautiful any day and anytime of the year!
About two and a half hours north of the Grand Canyon National Park, the Antelope Canyon is one where you feel like you are in a magical land, something out of the world. We took the tour of the Lower Antelope Canyons – to see these canyons, you have to take a tour via one of the tour companies to explore this amazing place. It is on Navajo Nation land, and entry to these canyons is restricted to these guided tours. Our tour company was the Dixie Ellis Lower Antelope Canyon Tours and we enjoyed every moment. Our tour guide, Tana, normally leads the longer photo tours for the company, and we were lucky to have her guiding us. Tana, a Navajo Indian, kept us interested throughout with information about the canyons, stories of the Navajo Indians and the canyons, and provided tips on how/where to take the best photos (though every inch of the canyons is breath taking!). This walk through the Lower Antelope canyons was totally worth the wait and the steep climb down into it – it was, like I mentioned earlier, a magical, almost spiritual, experience.

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  1. How beautiful! When I look at it, I can actually see a few different things in it. It all depends on the angle I look. One view I see two faces kissing. Okay, I may be a big weird LOL

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