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How Words Help Build Strong Foundations on Rock-Bottom

This post includes a review of a book I just finished reading. Plus some more. The book reconfirmed to me what I (well, all of us) already know – that words help build strong foundations, even when we have seemingly hit rock-bottom in our lives. Don’t worry, I am not at a low point, but I do know of others who have been able to pull themselves up with the power of words – either their own or others’ – including the author of the featured book.

The Book that Shows Words Help: Creating Happiness

book cover of Creating Happiness - for blog post - How Words Help Build Strong Foundations on Rock-Bottom

Creating Happiness: 15 Simple Ways to Feel Really Good About Yourself, Your Relationships, and Your Life by Kathleen Chabus


In Creating Happiness, Kathleen Chabus inspires with entertaining true-life experiences and confessions of her own mistakes that detail how a few proven concepts, strategies and mental exercises saved her life, and how it can positively impact yours. Reading this book is like opening up the box where the secret to happiness is hidden.

My Thoughts

Kathleen Chabus weaves together her own experiences with life-lessons learned, interesting stories and experiments she heard and read about, as well as powerful, applicable quotes, poems she wrote (that I simply loved), and really do-able exercises to help readers create happiness for themselves through this book.

While I know and apply many of these principles and ways in my life already, and instinctively, I realized a couple of things as I read Kathleen’s book. One, she reaffirms my beliefs like a friend would – so thank you for that – for both the reaffirmation and the ‘being a friend through these words’ part. Two, she does it in language that anyone can understand, and gives easy, actionable steps for everyone to take. So no matter how you are feeling – in the dumps or on cloud-nine – you can feel better!

So yes, it is not just for those who are looking and needing to create happiness in their lives, it can help everyone. I can attest to that. While I loved it overall, I think my favorite chapter is…. well, actually I loved it all!

I loved how she provides a summary at the end of the book – one that highlights the main concepts and exercises of the book. In addition, there is a list of suggested reading for readers who want more after this.

Disclaimer: Thank you to the author for reaching out to me and for providing a copy of the ebook. While I received a complimentary copy, I also ordered another to gift to a friend – that is how much I loved this book for how it can help create happiness.

The More on How Words Help

Like I mentioned in this earlier post, words are literally (sorry!) a gateway for better things – whatever is the better you are aiming or looking for. When Amanda Gorman read her poem at the Presidential Inauguration last year, it was – in one word – powerful! Similarly, simple, everyday words like Thank you! and Sorry, as well as a genuine ‘How are you?’ or that heartfelt ‘I love you’ do wonders for those you tell them, and for you too.

From Emily Dickinson’s seemingly simple ‘A Word’ to Maya Angelou’s ‘And Still I Rise‘, words show that they can be easily understood, straightforward words, but that they can run deep, and rise up high. Be it prose or poetry, be it fiction or non-fiction, be it the news or that hard-hitting essay, words can change things. So choose the right ones – to read, to write, and to speak and listen – and you are well on your way to better things; choose the right ones – and you will see that, indeed, yes, words help!

A poem in progress
Of course, they help us learn –
that is a given.

They inspire, entertain,
comfort, and calm,
they bring smiles, tears,
have magic in them – like mom!

Words – they help!

~ Vidya @ LadyInReadWrites

I loved this story, and the activity mentioned as well – to Create a Happy Book – here. It is simple, and effective, and so much fun. You can do it for yourself, starting today, or do it with friends, or family too.

Also, be sure to check out this book Create Your Own Happy, for younger readers.

And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, what is your go-to for creating happiness? Do share your own experiences of how words help us, or rather, how words helped you.

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