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It’s OK to Ask Questions: Embracing Curiosity and Growth

Do you know? Or rather, do you know that it’s ok to ask questions? No matter what they are. I remember asking about an acronym everyone was throwing at each other during meetings, and wondering what that was. Everyone seemed to know it after all. But when I asked what it was, the answer was clear and funny and surprising! No one in that meeting had a clear idea of what it was but they knew where to use it and when, but it did not know the expanded form.

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It’s OK to Ask Questions (and Answer Them Too!)

Questions for Rebel Girls

Questions for Rebel Girls by Rebel Girls (Children’s Nonfiction/Women’s Biographies | 7 years and up | Rebel Girls |October 19, 2021)

Description: This book introduces readers to extraordinary women throughout history and asks them to imagine themselves in similar scenarios.

My Quick Thoughts

Rebel Girls does it again! The book includes short intros to amazing inspiring women in the form of their quotes/facts/bios followed by thought-provoking as well as fun questions for the reader based on that information. In addition, there are additional questions sprinkled throughout. Both of these make it a must-have book to read everyday (and for everyone).

Questions I Am Asked About The Holocaust

Questions I Am Asked About The Holocaust : Young Reader’s Edition by Hédi Fried translated by Alice E. Olsson, and illustrated by Laila Ekboir (Children’s History | 10 years and up | Scribble US | April 4, 2023)

Description: A young readers’ edition of the bestselling book from Auschwitz survivor Hédi Fried that answers lasting questions about the Holocaust.

My Quick Thoughts

Books about the Holocaust always call my name. While I know I will end up feeling a bit heartbroken, I also feel inspired and amazed at the strength and resilience of those who survived (like Hédi Fried in this book). This book uses a question answer format to help readers understand how life was like in the concentration camps. It includes a wide range of questions like the ones below:

  • Did you dream at night?
  • What was it like to have your period?
  • Were you afraid of death?
  • What was the best?

Fried’s honest, to-the-point answers are inspiring, heartbreaking, heartwarming, full of both sadness and hope. The questions, Fried’s answers, and excellent back-matter make this book an essential read!

Hey! It’s OK to …..

I found this over at AiringMyLaundry a few months ago, and kept meaning to do my own list (and link up, if I did remember to do the list!). So here is one finally. Maybe I will make it a once in a month thing. This one is more of a generic ‘it’s ok’ rather than specific items. Will start saving up on specific ones going forward. And been a while since I headed over to check what other Thursday 13 participants are adding in their list of 13 things, so linking up there as well.

It’s OK to

  1. Read picture books at any age…
  2. Have a dozen books on your currently reading list
  3. Admit you need to develop your empathetic skills (and listening skills too)
  4. Say you are a messy person usually.. TBH often! And be thankful for spouses who are organized and neat!
  5. Chat up your teen’s friends (they – your teen, I mean – might not always like it)
  6. Be the quirky, weird mom (that I am in so many ways)
  7. Feel anxiety over your mom’s surgery while feeling totally happy about something else
  8. Want to watch the Barbie movie though you have never been a Barbie person all your life except for that Aqua song
  9. Enjoy singing the ‘I’m a Barbie girl’ song and be horrified by those lyrics all at the same time. (according to one recent tweet, “Aqua’s Barbie Girl was a song about the misrepresentation of women In a male dominated society.” Maybe, and hopefully…)
  10. Ask questions everyone seems to know the answer to
  11. Ask questions no one seems to know the answer to as well
  12. Say it’s ok to a whole bunch of things, like these above, and many more … (like when someone makes a mistake and says sorry).
  13. Also say it’s not ok to other things

And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, have you read the featured books? What would be on your list of ‘Hey, It’s Ok…’? The first question you have on your mind?

hey it's okay!

21 thoughts on “It’s OK to Ask Questions: Embracing Curiosity and Growth

  1. Oh yes, that Aqua song… Yikes. I really listened to the lyrics, and I just couldn’t. (Well, I was *really listening* while the song played in a school classroom, so I was a bit more focused than I would normally be.)

  2. I’m a journalist so asking questions is an occupational hazard. So I am happy to know that my habit of asking questions, even when I’m not doing so “officially,” is a good and positive thing, not just me being an annoying pain in the you-know-where!!!

  3. I love the title of this piece! It is something that we need to make people feel comfortable doing – asking questions. The scenario that you presented, about people using an acronym or even a slang word and not knowing what it meant, had me nodding my head in agreement. Questions are beautiful things, they lead not only to answers, but to understanding.

  4. Great book suggestions! One thing I loved about homeschooling was the fact that my kids could feel comfortable asking about & learning about things that interested them.

  5. Sounds like some very interesting books. I’m a firm believer in kids asking questions. I’ve always told my kids I wanted them to always feel comfortable to ask questions if there is something they didn’t understand or didn’t know.

  6. As a parent, I always tell to my kids to ask questions if they are something that they don’t understand.
    Asking a question is not a bad thing but for me, it is a good thing that needs to be exercised by everyone.

  7. I see that my kids are so curious and I love when they ask question and are willing to know more! I am always looking for new book that can answer their questions!

  8. I just love this and asking questions is a part of life and I am more worried about someone that does not think they need to ever ask any questions. I am all about learning and asking questions and inquiring are important aspects of the learning experience!

  9. Asking questions is so important. It’s how we learn, how we grow and how we develop as human beings. I enjoyed reading this post!

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