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Bluer Skies, Beautifuler All

Blue November Skies Make Life Beautifuler
 Blue November Skies Make Life Beautifuler

A Beautifuler All

This wonderful life

that we lead

Taking every day

in stride

You make it our lifestyle.

Smiles and cries,

cheers and whines

You make all worthwhile. 

Skies bluer, 

smiles wider,

tears disappear

while you are near.

Life is beautifuler

more livelier 

with all of you here.

– Vidya Tiru/LadyInRead

Today, we have Amaya over at dVerse challenging us to write Jazz poetry. Listening to music did help me get the words flowing today and while I went into serious rhyme-mode towards the end of the poem, the music playing the background kind of provided the pauses for my writing. And the blue skies of earlier today helped as well.

The lyrics for some of the greatest jazz hits are simply beautiful – I have heard so many of them before but had not given any conscious thought to the type of music they might be and looks like Jazz is one of my favorite types of music considering the songs I was listening to today as part of this exercise without even knowing they were jazz 🙂 Louis Armstrong’s ‘What a Wonderful World‘ and Doris Day‘s ‘Que Sera Sera‘ are among my favorite songs.  Lyrics discovered today that totally wowed me (just two among many) – ‘Guess I’ll hang my tears out to dry’ by Frank Sinatra and ‘Smile’ by Nat King Cole.

This post is towards dVerse’s Jazz Poetry challenge and Skywatch Friday.


12 thoughts on “Bluer Skies, Beautifuler All

  1. Thanks for showcasing those beautiful blue skies overhead…it is a wonderful life, isn’t it? (But the “grammar police” wouldn’t approve of beautifuler 😉

    1. Thank you Lynn, the skies were indeed bright blue (today leaning towards a ‘rain-is-coming’-gray). Beautifuler will not pass any grammar test 🙂 (considering I keep correcting emails in my inbox or my kids), but poetic license is something I love as well 🙂 so I use that every chance I get too…

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