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Kabir: The Mystic’s Master Class to Poetry and Life

Today, I move back to history and poetry from science and the modern world, where for the letter K, I bring to you Kabir and the mystic’s master class to poetry and to life. I have featured Kabir’s dohas before here on my blog. These dohas have withstood the test of time and continue to teach simple philosophies of life in two short lines each.

One of the dohas I learnt years ago still remain fresh in my memory. The original verses are: “Aisi vani boliye, man ka aapa khoye/ auran ko sheetal kare, aaphu sheetal hoye.” It means – Speak gently and use gentle words, without ego, so that not only your own body remains composed, you also give your listeners joy through your speech.

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Kabir: The Mystic

Kabir the Human
In the land of Kashi, a weaver was born,
Whose words, like pearls, beautifully adorn.
Kabir Das, a poet, a saint, and a guide,
Whose teachings, to this day, forever abide.

Kabir’s upbringing, in both religions, was bred,
And he saw unity, in all that was said.
He was both a Hindu and a Muslim, they say,
And his teachings – for all – paved the way.

From a young age, Kabir was wise,
And his words, always, did surprise.
He spoke of love, and the unity of all,
And how to break free, from ego’s thrall.

Kabir’s dohas, like pearls, on a string,
were simple, yet profound with meaning.
He preached forgiveness, and the power it holds,
And how it transforms our hearts like gold.

His words, like a gentle breeze, caress the soul,
And show us, how to live, to make us whole.
His teachings, of love and forgiveness, did embrace,
And showed us how to rise above hate with grace.

Kabir’s life, shrouded in mystery and lore,
but his words, of love and unity, forevermore,
keep guiding us on the path of truth and light,
and shows us how to make our lives truly bright.

When he passed on, everyone claimed him as their own
Hindus and Muslims alike, their love for him thus shown.
Thus Kabir’s message, of love and unity,
transcended all, regardless of community.

So let us learn from Kabir’s life,
And live in harmony, free from strife.
For forgiveness, like both the sun and the rain,
Brings peace and joy, again and again.

Kabir Das, a poet, a saint, and a guide,
Whose legacy, forever, will abide.
~ Vidya Tiru @ LadyInReadWrites

References and Further Reading

My K Book

Kiyoshi’s Walk

Kiyoshi’s Walk by Mark Karlins and illustrated by Nicole Wong (Children’s Multigenerational Fiction/Poetry | 5 years and up)

Where do poems come from? This beautiful picture book about a young aspiring poet and his grandfather shows that the answer lies all around us–if we take the time to look.

So today’s book is not a poetry book as such, nor a book of poems or a story-in-verse. Instead, this one takes readers on a walk with Kiyoshi and his grandpa as grandpa answers Kiyoshi’s questions on poems. With stunningly beautiful artwork and haiku interspersed with the prose narrative, this book shows us how and where we can find poetry all around us, and how we can use our senses to do so.

A sweet and beautiful read about creativity and family!

And Now, the End of This Post

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9 thoughts on “Kabir: The Mystic’s Master Class to Poetry and Life

  1. ‘Speak gently and use gentle words, without ego, so that not only your own body remains composed, you also give your listeners joy through your speech’ . . . if only we could all adhere to this!

  2. I love poetry, but I haven’t read anything new in awhile. This was certainly a peaceful read in more ways then one. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. This is such a peaceful and refreshing article to read! I think we woke up each day and read a bit of Kabir the world would be kinder.

  4. Your article on Kabir’s poetry and life is truly captivating! You have provided insightful analysis and commentary on Kabir’s teachings, making it easy for readers to understand and appreciate his work. Your passion for the subject shines through in your writing, making it an enjoyable read. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love for Kabir with us!

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