L is for Lagori

A tiny tower of stones can bring a huge mountain of joy.. and that is what we always felt when we played lagori. Hoping to recreate new memories of lagori along with other treasured childhood favorites is my theme for this challenge.

Lagori is a street game in India (also called by other names in different regions of India) played between two teams of sizes depending upon the number of players. Players from one team take turns trying to break down the pile of stones with a ball; and once it does fall down, everyone in that team tries to build the tower back up while the opposition searches for the ball and tries to prevent them by a)hitting a member of the first team with the ball (so ensure the ball is soft enough to ensure reduced injury) or b)break the structure again

Kids still play lagori on streets across India though not as often or as prevalent as when we were kids, but I am my heart definitely is gladdened to hear shouts of lagori even today on a random street in Bangalore when I visit there during the holidays!!

The next part of my post is recycled from an earlier post of
mine (and I surprised myself when I saw I had written about this game earlier, not once but actually twice – here and here!)

and a Pile of Stones..
piled one over another
we all laughed and played together
teams that vied for the tower
building it up, being stopped by the other
aimed the ball at the tower of stones
worriedly –
I lead my team to a victory?
we soon be shouting ‘lagori!’
By Selvammk (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
tower did crumble (just the right amount)!
rush of feet everywhere
scrambled to build the tower
– well, they ran after the ball
had to stop us, after all..
late”, we screamed with joy,
– in unison – every girl and boy!
-@ LadyInRead_VidyaTiru


Q to the reader:   What games did/do you play that involved sticks/stones? 

Signing off on the letter L as I continue on the #AtoZChallenge and #UltimateBloggingChallenge

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