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The Healing Power of Love and Nature

This Monday, I again choose to bring back a post from my archives; this one keeping in mind it is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month. While the author for this book is not Asian American, the book certainly is. The book speaks to and of Asian Americans, specifically those from the beautiful land of Tibet. This region is often referred to as ‘the roof of the world’ owing to the fact that it is home to the highest plateau on earth! From all that I have seen and heard of this wondrous place, it is full of stunning and majestic panoramic views, and is home to people with beatific smiles and open hearts. It is truly a place that embodies the healing power of love and nature!!

Despite all the politics surrounding this region, I have heard from friends and family who have visited that it is a place that makes you forget all your worries and invigorates you – both because of its own breathtaking beauty and the warmth of its people.

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The Book That Shows the Healing Power of Love and Nature

Tashi and the Tibetan Flower Cure

Book Info

Title: Tashi and the Tibetan Flower Cure
Author/Illustrator: Naomi C. Rose
Length: 40 pages
Genre:  Children’s Fiction/ Multicultural, Multigenerational Family Life (6 – 11 years, and up)
Publisher: Lee & Low Books; Reprint edition (September 1, 2016; first published Aug 2011)
Source: Originally, digital review copy from NetGalley Currently, my personal copy

My Thoughts

Tashi and the Tibetan Flower Cure is a heartwarming, inspiring and touching story that shows how love and friendship can be found no matter where you are if you just look and the magical powers they possess in helping you feel better.

Tashi is a little girl who loves her grandfather and spends a lot of time with him until one day he falls sick. She does not like seeing him so weak and when she recalls what he told her about the traditional Tibetan flower cure, she sets out in search of something similar in America. What starts out as her effort to help her grandfather ends up involving the whole community.

Wonderful illustrations by the author accompany the flowing text and the rich colors portray the beauty of nature very well. Backmatter includes a short glimpse into Tibet as well as a list of words and cultural references mentioned in the book.  

In Summary

This is a great book to learn about other cultures and about the healing power of love and nature. The love Tashi has for her grandfather and how it is depicted here touched my heart. Definitely one to add to your reading lists and bookshelves!  

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Tashi and the Tibetan Flower Cure - a book that shows The Healing Power of Love and Nature

Disclaimer: I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, have you read this book? Or any other similar book? Do let me know of your thoughts and recommendations.

11 thoughts on “The Healing Power of Love and Nature

  1. This book sounds really sweet and heartwarming. Very few American authors tackle the bond between grandparents and grandkids.

  2. I strongly believe in the power of medicinal plants. This is very evident in my Asian (Philippines) culture. I love this book because it reminds me of my grandparents and traditional healing.

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