Magic Monday – The Magic of Dreams

Dreamsong – My daughter loved this book when I read it to her. In this book, a little boy named Pavel goes out to find his dreamsong – the song he hears in his dreams and which is gone the moment he wakes up. When he tells his parents that he needs to find it, they lend him the encouragement, and some magic to help him along. He travels along the river and hears parts of the song as he follows the river to its source to hear his dreamsong fully. He returns home happy and exhausted and falls asleep as soon as his mom starts singing a lullaby which he hears in his dreams…
A lovely book, with wonderful flowing illustrations which tell a beautiful story themselves shows the love of the parents for their child so well.

Ship of Dreams – Wow! that is the word I can use to describe the
illustrations in this book – they are so beautiful that they belong in a
gallery. Dean Morrissey’s true-to-life and detail-rich oil paintings tell the story just a tad bit better than the words in this book. The Sandman is a familiar figure with a white beard whose warmth and cheer resonates in the pictures and text of the book and Joey, who goes on an adventure in his cherished ‘Redd Rocket’ to meet the Sandman, is an endearingly cute little boy who lights up the pages. This book is a must-have for the illustrations alone…

Both books go towards the Picture Book Read-to-me-Challenge.

Monday Memes – It’s Monday!
What are you reading? is a weekly meme hosted by Book Journey. It is a time when we share what we’ve read, currently reading, or what is up next on our reading list.
Completed reading: Books reviewed here as well as ‘The Book Thief’!!(wow, that was one of the best reads and I am itching to start all over again already)
Currently reading: ‘American Rust’ (re-borrowed it from the library on the Kindle again and hope I can finish it this time around) and ‘The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate’
Next to read: Maid to Match (was on currently reading sometime
back but put it away as I own the Kindle edition while the others are
library rentals)

14 thoughts on “Magic Monday – The Magic of Dreams

  1. The two children's books sound like the perfect bed-time reading with young family members.
    I'm half-way through my current read 'A Woman of Consequence' and enjoying it so far.

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