Magic Monday

A Pattern for Pepper by Julie Kraulis
Penguin Random House Canada

Tundra Books

Pub Date: Aug 01, 2017

My thoughts: Pepper is totally adorable and very particular, as you will learn when you read the book. This book while taking through the ritual of a little girl picking out fabrics and patterns for her first custom made dress for a special occasion, also teaches you a lot. Who knew paisley was actually a pattern named after a place in Switzerland? I didn’t and I learned that from here along with facts about many more interesting patterns. As Pepper works with Mr.Taylor (the tailor!) to find the perfect pattern for herself, we are treated to learning the patterns, the process of dressmaking (in the simplest terms), and of how kids might make choices (which is pure fun!).

While this book might not be for everyone, it is a book that will be enjoyed by many. The illustrations complement the book perfectly!
Rating: B 
Reading Level: 5 – 9 years (though my 10 year old who loves to
craft/sew/knit also enjoyed it – mainly for the information)
Reread Level: 3/5
Thank you to NetGalley for the digital ARC of the book
Poetry for Kids: Emily Dickinson by Emily Dickinson, Susan Snively (Edited by), Christine Davenier (Illustrated by)
Let your children discover the works of poet Emily Dickinson in Poetry for Kids: Emily Dickinson. As the premier title in the Poetry for Kids series, Emily Dickinson introduces children to the works of poet Emily Dickinson. Poet, professor, and scholar Susan Snively has carefully chosen 35 poems of interest to children and their families. Each poem is beautifully illustrated by Christine Davenier and thoroughly explained by an expert. The gentle introduction, which is divided into sections by season of the year, includes commentary, definitions of important words, and a foreword.
What I love about this book: The selection of poems, their arrangement in the book by seasons(starting with summer, and ending with spring), the fluidly whimsical accompanying watercolor illustrations, and the wonderful notes at the end that give a brief description of what Emily was thinking of as she wrote each poem.
The introduction is a short yet informative biography of the poet. Poems include word definitions when necessary (helpful when reading to younger kids; and some words to better understand as used in the poem) and this really will be useful for readers. The selection of poems covers a wide range of emotions from the sweetly whimsical to the slightly morbid dealing with death, making it even more wonderful.
This book is like a great starter kit to introduce kids to poetry in general, and to specific poets. Looking forward to the series.
In the words of Emily herself,
is no frigate like a book


take us lands away,


any coursers like a page


prancing poetry.’


Rating: A+
Reading Level: Read to younger kids; read with everyone else 🙂
Reread Level: 5/5
Disclaimer: Thank you to Edelweiss for the digital ARC of the book

As I continue my UBC journey, I am linking these books to What are you Reading?
From Picture Books to YA
at Teach Mentor Texts and to NetGalley/Edelweiss Reading Challenge

Here is my list for IMWAYR,  
Books/stories read:
Poetry for Kids: Emily Dickinson (Edelweiss read – review above)
A Pattern for Pepper (NetGalley read – review above)
The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

Books I am reading this week:
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (my copy)
A Wrinkle in Time (my copy)
Fan Art by Sarah Tregay (library ebook)
Dingus by Andrew Larsen (NetGalley read)
Brown Girl Dreaming (library ebook)

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