Magic Mondays – The Magic of Too Many (Books and Challenges)

A Happy New Year Wish For You –
A world of joy, of laughter too
A world wonderful for me and you
And in the words of Tagore,
A world where the mind is without fear and the head is held high

For NaBloPoMo:, where the prompt for today is:

How do you celebrate your accomplishments?
By a trip to YogurtLand, seriously! We started this tradition for our little
girl who loves Yogurtland and for each accomplishment of hers – now, it seems
like we use it for all our accomplishmentsJ and we all do love it.
Isn’t it sweet how our way of looking at life itself changes because of our
kids? I do many things differently now because of them – from when we wake up
to when we sleep and everything in between has some changes, and no complaints!
As a child, my mom would make something special for us at home. But I think
eating something good has been a way of celebrating at all times! 
And Yay! I do have one accomplishment to celebrate with this post – NaBloPoMo for December 2012 completed successfully!! So off to Yogurt Land for us – not right now, but soon enough and will make sure I have loads of my favorite flavor in the mix – Toasted Coconut…
This week at Musing Mondays over at Should Be Reading, the question asked that I picked of many 
‘• Describe one of your reading habits.’
One reading habit of mine – I read many books at a time, this has been the case for a long time, even as a kid. As a kid, I would have a few children’s magazines and comics I would read along with short story collections and one novel at a time. Now, there is a whole bunch of books I read at a time – YA, children’s, magazines, fiction, non-fiction:)
For my Monday kid’s books reviews today, I reviewed a few books earlier this
week and I am linking back to them again here. I did complete a couple of other
wonderful children’s books – one a classic – The Little Prince, and another, a
2012 release, which is sure to become a classic in its own right – Zeb and the
Great Ruckus. I will be reviewing these books next Monday along with others I
might end up reading by then. 
The books in the link here.go towards the weekly meme at Jen and Kellee’s – and What are you reading? From Picture Books to YA
Also participating at
Monday Mingle over at Tough Cookie Mommy – This is a place for networking:) So
please link up and follow other blogs on this blog hop/linky on Google
Friend Connect, Facebook, or Twitter.
For What are you reading? @Book Journey
Completed reading:
The Little Prince
Zeb and the Great Ruckus by Joshua Donellan (digital RC) 
A few more quick reads for me (romances which I will review here)
Currently reading:
Secret of the Nagas by Amish (Personal copy – this has been waiting for me to get back to page 98))
Shakespeare on Toast by Ben Crystal (digital RC – a brilliant book but the bard awaits patiently to be perused)
The Fox by D.H.Lawrence (eBook borrowed from openLibrary.org)
Murder in Mumbai (digital RC)
The Traveling Restaurant by Barbala Else (digital RC)
Reading a couple more books as well
Next on my list to read:

This Monday, the magic is again the magic of reading challenges. I vowed to myself
sometime recently that I would not participate in too many of them. But here I am
again with a whole bunch of them.
My problem is not that I cannot finish the books but in completing reviews for
all I read and in linking back to these challenges. Entering challenges has a
good and bad side for me – good that I actually read books I might not have
otherwise which leads to wondrous discoveries, and bad because I start feeling
obligated to read, and worry that it might take the fun out of reading. So this
year, I have decided to participate for the fun of it, read as much as I can,
and not worry if I cannot finish…
So here are the challenges I am going to sign up for… don’t let the number
scare you.. I have thoughtfully(ha ha) entered challenges where overlaps across challenges
are easily possible and plan to choose books that I wanted to read/or will want
to read which span across at least two or challenges each!!There is 21 of them, yes:) and I have to put up a post for entering these
challenges and then linking up too (soon)

8 thoughts on “Magic Mondays – The Magic of Too Many (Books and Challenges)

  1. Interesting reading habit. I haven't quite been able to do that successfully, yet. I can read one physical and one digital book at the same time, but I get overwhelmed reading more than one in the same format! Thanks for stopping by! Happy new Year!

  2. Oh wow! So many interesting reading challenges. Hope you can join ours too! 🙂 It would fit in beautifully with some of the ones you already have here. Glad to see the list of books you've read as well, many of them are familiar to me. 🙂
    Hope you have a great reading year ahead! Have a Blessed 2013!

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