Magic Mondays – the Magic of TumbleBooks

Today’s books are all books I read to my daughter on my laptop from Tumble Books online library through our local library’s website. We need to enter our membership information to access Tumble Books and you can choose from Auto/Manual modes and well as enable the audio or read it yourself. I almost always read to my kids from here. 
This goes towards the Read to Me Picture Book challenge at There’s a Book and hopefully will count towards the Library Challenge.
Some of the favorites of my daughter are the books by Robert Munsch including ‘I Have To Go!’ and ‘Wait and See’. Today I am reviewing these books in addition to two other books we read over the week from the Tumble Books online library.
I Have To Go! (Classic Munsch)I Have To Go – every parent can identify with the parents of the little boy Andrew in this book. Andrew’s parents do not fail to ask Andrew if he has to go pee before they head out for any place or activity that might require him to finish this beforehand. Andrew always answers with the predictable ‘no’ and just a little while into the activity/drive/etc he has to go! This is a fun read for the potty training age group and for parents too.
Wait and SeeWait and See – This is a charming and funny tale that teaches you that the saying ‘Be careful what you wish for, you might get it’ is true. The book ends with a wonderful wish becoming true that brings another truth to life that the greatest thing in the world is love. Wonderful illustrations and a great heroine (Olivia) who cooks up the unimaginable make this a favorite read at home. I know for a fact that both my little ones would love to be in Olivia’s shoes for just a little while.
Suki's KimonoSuki’s Kimono – Suki is delightful little girl with spunk. Her love and respect for her grandmother shine through in a charming way when she wears her blue cotton kimono (a gift from her grandmother) on her first day of school. How she wins out at the end of the story ( end of her first day of school) after a bad beginning shows that when you follow your heart with the best intentions, you will succeed! A love of family and culture is depicted in the sweetest way. Flowing, colorful paintings, descriptive language, and the lessons it imparts make this book a must read.

Keesha’s Bright Idea – What do you say when you find a book that is fun, and also teaches without being preachy? I loved it and my daughter has been teaching her older brother conservation tips and following him around making sure he switches off the lights. The book uses the brother – sister relationship to teach conservation tips. A fun and educative read.

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