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Magic of Frida Kahlo and Shakespeare in Everyday Life

Words and pictures are certainly a huge part of my life, along with music, dance, and of course food!! Not in that order always, but they are all there, each day, making an impact on my everyday. Today, I am focusing on two specific people in the fields of art and literature whose art and words have transcended time and continue to inspire many around the world. Let us explore the magic of Frida Kahlo and Shakespeare in everyday life today.

Frida Kahlo was born on July 6th in 1907, and left a brilliant artistic legacy, while Shakespeare’s words are all around us, everywhere, everyday. Sometimes we don’t even realize we are saying what the Bard wrote in one of his plays or works!

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Shakespeare in Everyday Life

Everyday Shakespeare

Everyday Shakespeare: Lines for Life by Ben Crystal and David Crystal

(You can preorder this!)


Publisher note: Not all is as it seems on the cover. What nods to the Bard’s great works can you spy?

With a quote for every day of the year, this beautiful book gathers the finest lines from the lesser-known corners of Shakespeare’s plays and poems. Each page bears a gift of Shakespearean delight – around which lies a treasure trove of trivia, miscellaneous fact, and opportunities for reflection.

But with entertaining commentary from the father-son author duo, as well contextual notes, and three amazing indexes, this book is more than a Shakespearean quote a day. Everyday Shakespeare shares simple lines that encapsulate the wondrous complexity of life, and the enduring appeal of the Bard.

My Thoughts

I love words! And I do enjoy reading Shakespeare. One of the most amazing things about his works is that enduring and all-encompassing appeal they have even today all across the world. And then there is one more thing, I loved reading a couple of Ben Crystal’s previous books about/related to Shakespeare.

As for this one, I love the concept, and the contents within the covers of this delightful book. Like the description says, the Crystals offer a quote for each day, and their accompanying comments add so much to each quote. Their love and passion for Shakespeare shines through the pages, and their expertise and

Note that most of them are not the popular ones you might have heard many times over. This means that even those familiar with the Bard are sure to find something new!

A perfect introduction for a youngster or adult or as a refresher and its delightful presentation makes it a thoughtful gift too.

Frida Kahlo’s Magic in the Everyday

Frida Kahlo saw art everywhere and everyday – from her foot as she lay in bed because of her accident, to flowers that she loved painting – and it showed in her work. I am always awed by artwork, be it her stunning and innovative self-portraits, or her still-life. Each one is vibrant, detailed, and so full of life, despite her own hardships.

It is almost ironic that her last known painting was titled ‘Viva la vida‘ (meaning long live life). But it also shows how her art was her tribute to life itself, at every stage in her own life. Every time I read her story, I find myself once more inspired and full of admiration for her pure grit and her spirit.

Let us all find inspiration in her life and her art, and do our best to find magic in the everyday for ourselves. Here are a few tips for you below.

Finding Magic in the Everyday: Lessons From Frida

  • As I mentioned earlier, her artwork is an explosion of colors, reflecting her zest for life and her ability to find beauty in even the darkest of moments. Take a page out of her book and infuse your everyday life with vibrant hues.
    • Paint your walls in bold shades,
    • wear clothes that make you feel alive,
    • and surround yourself with art that sparks joy.
  • Frida Kahlo’s life was marked by physical and emotional pain, yet she channeled these experiences into art that resonates with millions. Similarly, let us learn to transform our own hardships into sources of strength. Embrace your vulnerabilities and use them as catalysts for personal growth. Write, paint, or create in any form that allows you to express yourself fully, turning your pain into a beacon of resilience.
  • Look at things around you – flowers, your fruit tray, the vegetables you are going to use for tonight’s dinner – and find the beauty in them. Kahlo said, “I paint flowers so they will not die.”

And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, what do you like about today’s post? Your thoughts on Kahlo and Shakespeare? Recommendations for books about them? And which of these books would you pick?

18 thoughts on “Magic of Frida Kahlo and Shakespeare in Everyday Life

  1. They were both incredible people! I have always been a fan of Shakespeare even though his writings can put me to sleep at times. But most are entertaining!

  2. Shakespeare is so ingrained in popular culture that we don’t even notice it sometimes. Amazing what an impact the writings of one person can have on thoughts and ideas for hundreds of years to come!

  3. Shakespeare really did a lot of amazing and great stories! I love most of his writings. Thanks for sharing this with us

  4. I absolutely loved your post about the magic of Frida Kahlo and Shakespeare in everyday life. It’s amazing how their art and words continue to inspire people across generations. I appreciate your recommendations for books about them, and I’m particularly intrigued by “Everyday Shakespeare: Lines for Life.” The concept of sharing lesser-known quotes and the Crystals’ insightful commentary sounds delightful. As for Frida Kahlo, her ability to find beauty in everyday moments is truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing these insights and encouraging us to infuse our lives with vibrancy and resilience.

  5. When you enjoy art, I think, be it in illustration or prose it definitely gives every day at least a little bit of a magical shine to it because your perspective will always be different when you can find the beauty in things!

  6. That boy above sounds like a great read and I may have to garb the for some fun summer reading 😉 I am always looking for a new good book to add to my collection so I appreciate your honest thoughts and checking it out next!

  7. That book above sounds like a great read and I may have to grab the for some fun summer reading 😉 I am always looking for a new good book to add to my collection so I appreciate your honest thoughts and checking it out next!

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