Make Way For Peace With Words

For dVerse Poetics, today we are illuminating quotes that inspire social justice, human rights, global peace by selecting a quote and embedding it in our own poem with a similar theme…

The quote I selected is from a song with Hindi and English lyrics called ‘Gurus of Peace’.

Song: Gurus of Peace
Album: Vande Mataram
Artist: A.R. Rahman and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

I have included the video of the song as well here. The song itself has always inspired me with artistes across the borders joining in to produce this beautiful result. The English lyrics that are part of the song are below (I used the word ‘someday’ based on the official lyrics video, while other lyric websites use the word ‘somewhere’ instead)

What are you waiting for another day another dawn
Someday we have to find a new way to peace
What are you waiting for another sign another call,
Someday we have to find a new way to peace

My take on it using the Golden Shovel poetic form. Words from the above lyrics are in bold italics in the poem..

Make Way For Peace

We will find a somewhere someday
I know not the place it is; but we
could walk hand in hand; what have
we to lose? It’s time to
be human(e) again; to find
our humanity;let us try anew;
wait not for a sign, make our way
our own instead; this road leads to
our somewhere – here will reign peace!

-Vidya Tiru/LadyInRead (2018)

17 thoughts on “Make Way For Peace With Words

  1. Thanks for linking up, I will have to come back later to have a listen to your chosen inspiration when people aren’t sleeping here. But you remained true to the spirit of the quote and challenged readers to make NOW and HERE the answer.

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