Mama Kat Thursday: The last time my heart melted was because…

With my family (and friends) being who they are, there are many heart melting moments happening on a regular basis and I am thankful for that. The one I am choosing to highlight for this post is one that happened recently. My daughter was going to a birthday party Friday evening (one of her BFFs) and she wanted to come with me to Michaels to pick up a gift (our go to place for gifts for her friends). I decided to finish the trip while she was at school instead. The trip ended up with additional items (as always) and with a pack of canvases (my DD had wanted more canvases to paint on and had asked for a particular size, I ended up buying something else which was on sale that day!).
Well, when my DD realized she had missed a trip to Michaels, she was not too happy. On reaching home and finding that she also had some gifts, she cheered up a little. She disappeared into her room later, and when I wondered what was taking her so long, she came back with this painted canvas and it is frame-worthy, don’t you think?
And before you think so(:-)),  this was not a message for me from my DD – ‘Live a Little More’, but just an addition to the decor in her room (or mine, if I so choose). But it is in moments like these that my heart melts just a little, it smiles an extra-wide smile, and sometimes leaps with joy! I cherish each and every one of these moments.

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