Memes, and more memes…

 For Alphabe
(Letter G), Acrostic Only,(SW-Wildlife-scorpion), Three Word
(Naughty tactic zenith),  Theme Thursday(Change)
Suzie was told always
Careful you better be
Of the naughty Mr.D

Remember his tactics dear
Please change your ways
In the Gooey sugar
Or else you end

Neon display – zenith shelf

(Letter Y),  Alphabe
(Letter G)

“What is this place I am in now?”, asked Lady to the Girl with a curl
“This is New York N…,” answered the Girl
And Lady cut Girl off mid-word with a, “Thank God, I am still at home”
She had worried for a second when she opened her eyes on the way and saw something like Rome
As she took a deep breath, she smelled….something sweet..
“Girl! I think I am in for a treat.
Lots of sugary chewy jelly bean,
At this, Betty said, “Of course, you are right” with a grin
“You are in New York New York, Las Vegas
A Glued together mass of sugar like me, my lass!
And if you are hungry, my dear
You can start with your ear…”

For Six Word Saturday

“The salt flats of Badwater – amazing”

For Wordless
and Saturday Snapshot

Wondrous Words Wednesday
All words for this week as well their usages are from Julia Quinn’s ‘Just Like Heaven’ which I read over the break. I love reading anything and everything that is printed and among romances, historical romances are among my favorite. 

  • dam·son
    n. 1 a small purple-black plumlike fruit. a dark
    purple color. 2 (also damson tree) the small deciduous tree that bears
    this fruit, probably derived from the bullace.  Prunus
    domestica subsp. insititia (or P. damascena), family Rosaceae.
    late Middle English damascene, from Latin damascenum
    (prunum) ‘(plum) of Damascus’. Compare with DAMASCENE and DAMASK.
  • dudg·eon
    n. a feeling of offense or deep resentment: the manager walked out in
    high dudgeon. late 16th cent.: of unknown origin.
    “With every appearance of high dudgeon, she slumped back against the seat, crossed her arms, and settled in her corner.
  • con·san·guin·e·ous adj. relating to or denoting people descended
    from the same ancestor: consanguineous marriages.
    con·san·guin·i·ty n. early 17th cent.: from Latin
    consanguineus ‘of the same blood’ (from con- ‘together’ + sanguis
    ‘blood’) + -OUS.
  • men·dac·i·ty n. untruthfulness: people publicly castigated for
    past mendacity. mid 17th cent.: from ecclesiastical Latin
    mendacitas, from mendax, mendac- ‘lying’ (see MENDACIOUS).
    • “You will have a terrible scar.” He smiled wryly. “I shall wear it with pride and mendacity.” “Mendacity?” she echoed, unable to contain her amusement.
  • scads plural n. INFORMAL a large number or quantity: they raised
    scads of children [in sing.] he’s installed a scad of microprocessors.
    mid 19th cent.: of unknown origin.
    • ““I have scads of cousins. Scads.”
  • es·cri·toire n. a small writing desk with drawers and compartments. late 16th cent.: from French, from medieval Latin scriptorium ‘writing room’ (see SCRIPTORIUM).
    • “They were only scared while in his presence. The rest of the time they sat at their escritoires, writing their names entwined with his—all in ridiculous loopy script, adorned with hearts and cherubs. “


“By Sunday afternoon, Honoria was convinced she had made the right choice. Gregory Bridgerton would make an ideal husband. They had been seated next to each other at the supper at the Royles’ town home a few days earlier, and he had been utterly charming.”

Quinn, Julia (2011-05-31). Just Like Heaven (p. 56). Harper Collins, Inc.. Kindle Edition.
For Theme Thursdays (theme is New) and Book

“Lady Honoria Smythe-Smith was desperate. Desperate for a sunny day, desperate for a husband, desperate—she thought with an exhausted sigh as she looked down at her ruined blue slippers—for a new pair of shoes.”

Quinn, Julia (2011-05-31). Just Like Heaven (p. 14). Harper Collins, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

14 thoughts on “Memes, and more memes…

  1. I at first thought The Lady was made out of Skittles but now read it is jelly beans. Wow, that truly is a lot of sugar. I liked your scorpion acrostic and when I look at that sign I start craving a big giant burger but then my heart says it could not handle the change.

    Thanks so much for playing with us in this weeks Change Theme Thursday. I hope you can join us again with our new theme.

    God bless.

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