Memes once again..as monsoons drench the streets

SundayWhirl: listen pressure here orders smoke impossible scare might climb happens  risk
Magpie: image on the right
SY: truss; image on the left
3WW: delinquent, hapless, trigger
A Night Out There
Listen. Are those voices you hear?

Is there something that scares here?

Impossible, there is nothing near

Nothing that might put us at risk,

Look! Look at the twirling smoke

Climbing up over the hill yonder

Could it be the delinquent demon, I

This is definitely not good for my
blood pressure

Do not be hasty in trigger pulling

Maybe it is just a hapless squirrel,
my darling

That cannot do much harming

If needed, here use this scarf for

Truss yourself up to me, my

Do not get too worried now, my sweet

That happens to be the demon indeed

Listen to my orders, actually, I

Let us watch what he does, silence
is now of need!

Letting out a huge yawn, he is now

Look at the size of that yawn, wow

Out escaped a ball of white-yellow

– was trapped in the demon’s belly

And oh! All cried out, in awe and

Look at that – a moon of super-size!

It is raining outside, as has been every evening-well, almost every evening since we arrived – not really since we arrived but definitely since I enrolled my son in a tennis class last week in the evenings. Since then, the rain has arrived promptly about 20 minutes before the class has to start followed by a text from the coach that simply says – ‘No tennis today’! The moon outside today is nowhere near a supermoon and I missed seeing it when it did appear over two weeks ago now but thanks to friends and others who captured wonderful images of the supermoon, have viewed it many times over since!
For ABC Wednesday, we have arrived at the letter Z and I absolutely know no one -for the theme I was focusing on -women authors – whose name (first or last) starts with this letter. So to Z and to this round of ABC Wednesday, I say, I am off to get a few zzzzzs until next week.

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