Met My New Best Friend Today!

DH and I went for a walk on one of our favorite trails today, not a hiking trail, but one that takes us along some beautiful scenic points. And as we climbed up (and down) almost 22 flights of stairs – or the equivalent of – on winding, steep roads that offer scenic views, we let go of the busy-ness of the days past, and simply relaxed. Towards the end of our walk, we strolled through our downtown street – yes, singular – where I met my new best friend today!

Of course! For she is someone who will listen to everything I say, and not interrupt me. And I love that outfit…..

Jokes aside, our downtown was decked up for autumn!! I wanted to click a snap of every little scarecrow (each one cuter than the other!) and all those other clever knick-knacks et al. On the other hand, I had done my share of walking and was ready to head back home and settle down to watch a “fall movie” with the fam. So here are a few glimpses of the time I

Met My New Best Friend!!

i met my new best friend today!!

And Now, the End of This Post

I know I will be heading back there over the next few days to capture the autumnal vibes at leisure! How about you, dear reader? What are the seasonal vibes looking like around your part of the world? Does your town deck up for different seasons? Our downtown does not go all overboard on the decor, but does things just so, subtly, and it suits it perfectly!

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2 thoughts on “Met My New Best Friend Today!

  1. What a great friend to meet. Sounds like you had a great day and lots of steps! Lia has her decorations and fall flowers in her wheelbarrow and we added a big blow up pumpkin. Fall is in the air and while we don’t have much changing in our leaves you can still “smell” the cool autumn air! Have a wonderful week!

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