My Saturday memes..

For Six Word Saturday

Awaiting the New Year With Hope

 For Saturday Snapshot
 This was taken on the 23rd and my little one was happily watching PBS Kids when the warning service came on – well, good to know that this works and this is the second time I have had the TV on when the Emergency Alert System went on. The weather has pretty followed the pattern since that day with rains, drizzles, or showers and the sun peeking out bravely every once in a while. Tomorrow though promises to be sunny, so hoping for a wonderful weekend to end this year.

The following photos are from our trip to the city by the bay – the foggy city – San Francisco – last week – two different photos of Alcatraz and of the Golden Gate Bridge.

And yes, I have managed to post every day this month so far as part of NaBloPoMo.
I do hope I will continue to post regularly, but schedule my time more properly so I can spend the right amount of time and maybe even get a couple of posts scheduled in advance:)

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  1. Love the photos! We drove through San Francisco in August traveling from New Mexico to Santa Rosa for a wedding. We skirted the city itself because of our route, but seeing the bay was amazing. Wish we'd had time to stop. We really enjoyed the Santa Rosa area, though.

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