My Wednesday Thursday Post this week…

My ‘W’ post – for ABC Wednesday and
– a random list of 13 W things – some just because they popped in
my head and others fun and useful

  1. Here are some totally wrong
    answers that are ‘as the title says’ totally genius and witty and hilarious – enjoy them
  2. A winner
    was announced on my most recent giveaway this week.. This is one of the things I enjoy about blogging – hosting and entering giveaways on other wonderful blogs.
  3. Living here in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, we certainly do not have a
    white winter here in our area but a wonderful one anyways
  4. Schumann’s ‘Wild Rider‘ – a song my son is learning to play on the piano currently.. am
    learning so much through my kids – discovering things I did not know before.
  5. These are my
    favorite songs heard this holiday season – John Lennon’s ‘War is Over’ – especially loved the version I heard on the CMA Country Christmas last week by Darius Rucker;  and Louis Armstrong’s ‘What a Wonderful World‘ (this was sung by my little one’s class as part of their winter
  6. Water
    – how we need to drink it and sometimes don’t
  7. I
    found something today that maybe many of you might already be aware about.
    But if not, this is a wonderful
    treasure trove for parents – Commonsensemedia
  8. Some of
    my kids favorite words – what why (Not) when where who (and of course, how
    as well!)
  9. Words
    – love them!
  10. The Wii
    – one way to have fun along with my kids. We just bought a new Wii dance
    game for my son – he turned 11 today – and his recent interest – the king
    of pop himself – the songs he loves – Man in the Mirror and Beat It
    followed by We are the World. He loves belting out the numbers while
    trying to imitate the moves.. so now we can all try to do it with the Wii. I found that GameStop had the best price anywhere for this game – $29.99 vs $39.99 everywhere else for a new copy. 

    Wii games
  11. Wonder
    what W word wants to walk
    in here 🙂
  12. Enjoying
    watching the lights at night – both the Christmas ones and the ones in the
  13. Wish you
    all a wonderful, warm, wishes-fulfilled full Holiday Season and a Happy
    New Year.
christmas tree decorations

I have finally gotten around to reading ‘Anna and the French Kiss’ and I am loving it so far. Though this is a book I would love to read in one sitting, all the activities at school, after-school, and work during the holiday season (organizing class parties, getting gifts for teachers, and well, of course, Santa is busy with gifts for the little ones at home!) has prevented me from doing so. Here are a couple of words I found in this book that are new to me and go towards Wondrous Words Wednesday

  • callipygian – having well-shaped buttocks: having well-shaped buttocks (did not expect this meaning! When I checked and found out, I had to go back to read the sentence to see if it made sense)
  • auteur – a filmmaker whose individual style and complete control over all
    elements of production give a film its personal and unique stamp.
  • fo shiz – Meaning for sure, yes or okay.

For Theme Thursday where the theme is fantasy and Alphabe Thursday’s letter E – I will be back soon to update this post.

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