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Never Far Away from My Thoughts

I might be an atypical mom; one who had been able to leave both my kids – when they were not yet tweens even – with my parents back in India and had them all travel together back to the US a month after I came back to the bay area (because, work). I was also the mom who left my kids home with my DH when I had to head to India for almost a month and a half to help my family when my dad had to undergo a major surgery for an aneurysm in the brain. You may be thinking that I had to do these, so it is not atypical; but when I did these, and others asked me if I was missing my kids, I don’t recall feeling all weepy about being away from them. Not that I did not miss them, or they were not missing me; but it was just what it was, and while they were never far away from my thoughts, not for a single moment, their thoughts did not crowd my mind. Instead, their thoughts strengthened me and gave me focus to do whatever I needed to do.

The reason for such a post? Since I have been looking at the posts from the calendar twin year of 2011 every so often this year, I ended up re-reading this beautiful poem from a mom ‘When You Thought I Wasn’t Looking‘ and….well, this post began its journey here – from my thoughts to the page, well, the screen..

So yes, my family, my children especially, are

Never Far Away From My Thoughts

Never Far Away from My Thoughts

You are never far away from my thoughts
No matter what I am doing
Be it those rare times of zumba dancing
Or those daily moments of being
lost in words, those I am reading
Or the ones I find myself writing.
Even when I am cooking up a storm,
often literally..
Even when I am making that perfect dish
sometimes brilliantly!

You are never far away from my thoughts
No matter where you are
Be it seated right next to me
Hugging me oh-so-wonderfully tight.
Be it seated right next to me
Lost in the glow of your screen’s light
Even when you are miles away,
Exploring what life brings
Even if you don’t listen to what I say
And do your own thing.

You are never far away from my thoughts
No matter what..
No matter where..
No matter how or why or when too
Your thoughts are my strength
They keep me going for great lengths
Your thoughts are my smiles
My tears, joys, my hope for my trials

Yes, you are never far away from my thoughts
No matter where my thoughts themselves are…
~ Vidya Tiru @ LadyInReadWrites

Pic of my teens at the beautiful and other-worldly Oceano Dunes, California

And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, hope you enjoyed this offbeat post here. Many ages ago, I had planned to make my Saturday posts all about life and its ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ness! So this is one of those attempts. I would love to hear any and all thoughts and comments on the post and what it prompted you to do or think.

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