O is for October Festivities

A few days have slipped past without me realizing it at all. Spending time with family and friends during this wonderful, warmth filled festival of lights, Diwali, makes time go by so fast 🙂 Here is my post for day 18 of UBC  (should I play catch up on posts?, will definitely try to catch up on commenting on other posts though) and for ABC Wednesday’s letter O as well as an attempt to work on the dVerse prompt (will try once more!)

October Festivities

Nature seems to celebrate
with colors of fall so bright
Dressed in autumnal glory
All around a visual delight
Homes across too celebrate
with twinkling lights, candles too
As festivities warm the hearts
We say
         – Happy Diwali to You

19 thoughts on “O is for October Festivities

  1. Happy Diwali!! I love the idea of the lights. I am sensitive to the lack of sunlight & for me, the changes start in fall, so I am working with adding more light inside. Hope you enjoy the holiday and October, in general. 🙂

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