O is for ….One and a Two, and I Love You.. and songs sung

O is for ….One and a Two, and I Love You.. and songs sung by my dad when we were sitting around doing nothing, except talking and listening to my dad sing. I am not sure if my dad sung lullabies to us when we were much younger but he loves songs, he sings really well (though not as often now as he used to before), and my love for songs and music in general is because of him. Though I am not a singer, I do enjoy music of all sorts.
I almost ran out of ideas for the letter O for my theme (Favorite Childhood Memories I
would like to build in the future as well – with my kids, if possible!), when this song popped into my head out of the blue – video is below and the lyrics of the song are the title of the post. This was one of the few English songs he sang as most songs he did sing were old Bollywood classics, some Tamil and other regional language songs, as well as Indian classical songs.

So, how does this fit into my theme? I hope that someday in their adulthood, a song I sang (!!??) to them and sometimes still do (while not necessarily all the ones my dad sang for us), they will recall and sing to their kids.

A list of some of the songs my dad sang to us (and still among his favorite songs, in no particular order) and the ones I sing to my kids are in brackets as ‘me too’:
The Game of Love (me too)
Summer Wine
Darshan do Ghanshyam (me too)
Hain Apna dil to Awara
Aaja Sanam
Aye Malik Tere Bandhe Hum(me too)

Q to the reader: What is a favorite childhood lullaby or song you recall -maybe a parent or someone else sang to you? What is a song you sing (or would love to sing) to your child/other loved one?

Signing off on Day 18 and the letter O as I continue on the #AtoZChallenge  and #UltimateBloggingChallenge

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10 thoughts on “O is for ….One and a Two, and I Love You.. and songs sung

  1. Oh I remember that song well . My dad sang it too! I also sang to my daughters and my grandchildren. My favourites are "Danny Boy" to lull them to sleep, "You are my sunshine" , "Hands up, baby Hands up" while drying them down after a bath and hundreds of others for different occasions like driving them up and down, to sing in the plane etc etc

  2. Isn't it sweet to have dad singing for children? Singing songs is mostly left to the mom folks…so its a welcome change to have dad sing the song!
    My favorite songs are mostly Marathi ( One of the languages spoken in state of Maharashtra, India) songs.

    1. 🙂 our sessions when dad sang were mostly when we relaxed after a long day; definitely during power cuts..
      and I am not sure if I know a Marathi song or two (since we used to learn songs from across India in school – especially patriotic and devotionals – our music teacher was really cool like that..and even when I did not understand, we definitely learned the lyrics well..)

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