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Ode to Rain

rose buds rain

 Rose buds, puddles and rainbows galore,

Crystals on webs,hot chocolate and smores,

That wonderful smell of the earth all around,

Rain-boots splashing to joyous sounds,

Droplets that feel so refreshing on you,

Makes one feel singing in the rain is the right thing to do!!

 – Vidya (LadyInRead)

 Today, Frank is having us compose odes over at dVerse and ABC Wednesday‘s Round 21 is currently exploring the letter R





10 thoughts on “Ode to Rain

  1. Nice ode in praise of rain. It made me feel that “wonderful smell of the earth” again. I am anticipating the first warm snow here which sticks to the trees. It is an enchanting and beautiful kind of rain that seems to hold its breath for one to watch.

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