S is for Suppandi

S is for Suppandi. What or who is Suppandi, you may ask? Suppandi is ‘the lovable goof with a literal mind’ who is among the most popular (and a favorite) comic characters in India. Suppandi first appeared in a January 1983 edition of Tinkle magazine (a popular Indian children’s mazagine, see A for Amar Chitra Katha), and for over 30 years now, he has regaled kids and adults alike with his buffoonery.Suppandi came into being based on an idea from P. Varadarajan from Trichy, and brought into comic life by illustrator Ram Waeerkar.

What are the new goofs Suppandi has been upto? was a question in our minds for my brother and I as we opened our edition of Tinkle magazine, which my parents subscribed to for us (a big thanks to them for never saying no to books anytime, of any sort for us).  And now, my hubby and I recall and relate and regale our kids with stories of Suppandi (even make some up!); in addition, the kids enjoy reading Suppandi’s antics as well in the comics we bring back from India on our visits there, and at home back in India where now my brother subscribes to the magazine for my niece! History does repeat – so sweetly in this case….

 And he is online as well!!

Recently, (or not so recently), Suppandi got a magazine all his own (in addition to being part of the Tinkle comics) called Suppandi 48 – initially started with children of all ages in mind, this is now geared towards teens and the comics are Manga style with Suppandi’s character maintaining his core spirit of goofiness and literal mindedness, while making some changes to suit today’s teens. I have to yet peek into Suppandi 48 and will do so soon,

And on the other hand, smart S is also for Scrabble. Who does not know of this game? I loved and still love playing word games of all sorts, and Scrabble was easily my favorite game as a kid. Trying to use up all the letters I had and equally dreading and hoping to get the higher point letters – the tough ones – like Q and X and Z. And jumping with joy when I got a triple word score (when it was a double triple, even more so). We have Scrabble at home now as well as many more versions that are available now also at home – the only thing – I need to get my kids to play these with me more often going forward. We play word games on the phone but apps don’t provide the same thrill as placing those tiles on the board now, do they?
And just one additional Ssssss note, another loved game which I need to play more with my kids – Snakes and Ladders. This game, originally from ancient India, is now popular worldwide, though not known or called by this same name everywhere. Many a hot summer afternoon were spent playing this (among other board games including Scrabble or bluff or carrom) when it was too hot to play outside. I recall the tears that ran down my face (when I was much younger, of course!!!:)) when invariably in some games, I landed on that dreaded snake head on any of the higher numbers and had to slide down the snake back to , please, not to zero,  or the joy when I won or the back to zero happened to someone else (oh mean joy)…

Q to the reader: Have you read Suppandi? What about Suppandi 48? What are your favorite memories of Suppandi? And for those of you who have not, who is your favorite bungler?
What is your favorite Scrabble word/memory?

Signing off on Day 22 and the letter S as I continue on the #AtoZChallenge  and #UltimateBloggingChallenge

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13 thoughts on “S is for Suppandi

  1. I admit that I don't know Suppandi. He sounds quite entertaining and sweet. I do know Scrabble. My mom was a terrifying scrabble player. I like the word "quiz," especially on a triple word space!

    1. Csenge, the online version i have linked above is a youtube channel launched by the magazine recently but if you do a google/pinterest search for Suppandi, you will see many image results returned with the comic strips..

    1. Arti, not sure regarding the Suppandi magazine itself – based on what I see, it should be available in bookstores. But you can look for the Tinkle children's magazine and Suppandi comics continue to be a regular part of that..

  2. I have never heard of Suppandi – so thank you for introducing me to a new cartoon character much loved in your childhood. My daughter is big on comics right now and we are certainly having fun discovering all sorts of comic books with her. It's a fun way to read! – Louise

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