Simply Sunday – Simply Memes

For Magpie Tales (image of library building), Sunday Whirl (Fuss straight again miserable enough wish figure
prove bust go sweet interest)

Colonnaded corridors, grand hidden domes
Straight lines of so many old tomes
Millions of boredom busters right here for you
No fuss, no muss form of fun, so many, not a few
No way to be miserable even if you wish to be
There is more than enough to do, to see
If within these pages your interest lies
You can stay in place and say a million goodbyes
In these rows of shelves so neatly lined
As you go up the left stair, on the landing you will find
Not a bust, nor any figures
But a statue of ‘The Reading Girl’ that inspires.
In the Great Hall, one can hear faint whispers
The pages speak to them – say book lovers
While the curious few,
The ones who just came to see,
As they leave, they hear a sweet adieu
Come here again – and I will prove to you
‘Having fun isn’t hard
when you’ve got a library card.’

Thanks to Marc Brown and Arthur – the last two lines above are from an episode of Arthur and my kids have been singing those two lines constantly the past few days (the only good thing about listening to them parrot these two lines again and again is that they believe in these lines!)
The Reading Girl image is from a pinterest board I repinned onto my board.  When I looked at information for the Central Library online, I found her – The Reading Girl – and isn’t she great?

For Sunday Scribblings (immunity), One Single Impression(charisma), Imaginary Garden with Real Toads(cinquain form)

Epic Hero
He had immunity
To Eurymachus’ charisma
For Succinctly Yours – ski rink photo and word is formula

“What is the formula for skiing success?”, she wondered, as
she tried to get the hang of being on skis. (84 without spaces, 104 with
Those balance-training classes better have had the right
formula or I am going to fall flat on my face soon.
(89 without spaces, 108 with spaces)


For Haiku Heights(pride)

Towering redwoods
Stand tall and straight – so many
Tales in their silence.
Towering redwoods
Stand tall and straight – a small me
Looks quietly in awe

23 thoughts on “Simply Sunday – Simply Memes

  1. The Reading Girl will surely have one of legs go to sleep if she stays like that for long…may even turn to stone!
    Only boring people could be bored in a library.

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