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For dVerse Poetics (Media) and Sunday Scribblings (subscribe)
dVerse – Today, Brian wants us to write a poem from the perspective of one of the medias, much
like the ‘Television’ poem, or focus on how mass media affects us, or
what your thoughts are one it. You can choose to just include one of the
medias in your poem, or choose a quote from one of them, a commercial, a
movie, a book, a newspaper.

“Mom, can you download this game?”
Says my little one as her fingers
Whiz across the iDevice of choice
“why did this show up in my inbox?
May I did subscribe to it someday.”
“which channel is this show on?
Channel 241 or 912?”
My mind travels back to the time
Back when we had no computers or TV
At home..(had only heard of it elsewhere –
As we stayed in a town in rural land)
And media meant the dependable guy
In black and white – who, without fail
Arrived each day at the doorstep
And of course, the little box with dials
We turned it on at night
To listen to vividh bharathi.
And as it moves a little ahead (my mind, I mean)
To that point in time when we got
Our very first black and white TV
I do remember also that
The channel was only one.
And the other guy in black and white
The one that arrives on our doorstep each day
He is struggling to make a living
As we get our news from twitter feeds and e-news.

For Sunday Whirl (Raw chimes scattered edge mist tattered mirror skirted straw
curved vast scale), OSI(2013), and Magpie Tales (image below):

She sat in front of the mirror
Or was it behind it instead.
That other life was behind a mist
For now, she wanted to stay right here
Here where
Raw emotions skirted the edges of her mind
That she felt was already tattered and torn
With this vast occurrence
Of unprecedented scale
How did she come to be here?
Here where
Scattered all around her
Were remnants of a past life
A life whose memories
Were hard to get back
Like grasping at straws
As she looked at what she held
A glimmer of hope arrived
And a her lips curved with a smile
Right as the clock stuck the chimes of midnight
and she knew she would have to return
Past the mist, through the mirror
To the year 2013

For Succinctly Yours: whack (image to the left) – 140 characters
with spaces

Little bear and Goldilock.


G: “What did you do that for?”

LB: “You ate my share.”


LB: “Why?”
G: “Just felt like it. Now, friends?”

For Haiku Heights (Rescue is the prompt). As I wondered about what needs rescuing or was rescued that I could write about, I realized that in the current events of our home, two things have happened: One, two beautiful cherry blossom trees (out of four that adorn our front yard) had to be cut down today because their roots were damaging the water pipes – and this did make us all a little sad – these trees are beautiful at full blossom. So we rescued two stumps as a reminder.
Two, we finally (we are dinosaurs in that way) ordered our very first big screen TV and our faithful old, still functional 27″ Sony TV will have to find a new home once that arrives.


Rescued? Am I? Was
Not I better off on the
tree.  Oh no, that died.
Rescue me! Will you please?

Brand new TV on its way.
Time to say good bye.

11 thoughts on “Simply Sunday – Simply Memes

  1. the media landscape has changed a lot…i remember when we got our first tv, there were three channels and at midnight or so the program stopped until the next morning…crazy times with lots of opportunities now but surely needs wisdom to handle it wisely…

  2. I remember those days too. Our family got its first TV in 1974 – we lived in Germany and BFBS TV didn't exist – so we only had the German channels to watch. Even with a TV, we didn't watch it much because we didn't understand it.

  3. Ah, great minds! We certainly were on the same page with this week's SY. I must say that Little Bear looks as if he could miss a few shares and still be fine. 😀

    Like you, I remember not having a TV at home. We were so excited, when my grandparents bought a new one and gifted their old one to us. We bought our first flat screen last summer. Hope you enjoy yours.

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